“I feel sastified when trusting UTS to grow my daughter” UTS “I feel sastified when trusting UTS to grow my daughter”

“I feel sastified when trusting UTS to grow my daughter”



“I feel sastified when trusting UTS to grow my daughter” Ms. Giang Tien, Mother of Uyen Phuong – student of Class 7.2, expressed meaningful feelings about her daughter’s learning journey at UTS: “Uyen Phuong enrolled the 7th grade at UTS after 6 years studying at another school. During the last school year, she achieved good results in not only academic but also extra-curricular fields such as drama and sports. Uyen Phuong was always a good student in previous school years, but her limitation is that she rarely communicates with other people. This limitation was immediately improved when enrolled at UTS and learned Drama – Civic Education. After very first lessons, her communication skills are much better than before. Especially, Director Viet Linh and Ms. Cam Tien inspired Uyen Phuong a lot so that she could freely express her emotions through the lines of the “Make friends with the sky” drama on professional stages. UTS has brought Drama the into education curriculum, marking a spectacular step for changing the teaching method of some “unconvincing” subjects. Moreover, Uyen Phuong received a lot of support, companion and encouragement from both UTS and family. It has a great impact on Uyen Phuong so that she can go further and longer in the following school years. With that being said, it is also important to mention the role of parents in creating success for children. Parents should cooperate with the school and not just assign all responsibility in students’ training to the school. Parents, more special than anyone else, must figure out the advantages and disadvantages of their children, then have exact solutions and encouragement for any behavior of their children. In addition, UTS’ facilities, the enthusiasm of Admissions counselors, security guards, and homeroom assitance agents also also make UTS become a friendly school. I am grateful for what UTS has been doing and also feel satisfied when trusting UTS to grow my daughter.” We would like to sincerely thank Ms. Giang Tien for your sharings. They will be great motivations for UTS to continue improving and being better in the future. We hope to bring a modern, effective and fun-filled learning environment to future talents!

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