At UTS, we try to bring out a safe talent-nurturing environment with the best service quality.


UTS is located in the 5.2-hectare campus of Van Lang education. The architecture of UTS is a mixture of the classical Western and modern, convenient style. The modernly furnished facility system serves the needs of learning and training of students.

At UTS, we understand the learning and experience process is only effective while our kids feel safe. UTS takes care of all aspects regarding students, even the smallest details. All corners of campus are designed and arranged to ensure maximum safety for students, which creates a friendly learning environment and impulse the development of a kid.

The learning and experience spaces of students include: 31 standard classrooms for 3 levels, 3 laboratories, 2 ICT rooms, 2 Arts rooms, 2 Piano rooms, 1 Music room, 2 STEM rooms, 3 multifuntional rooms, canteen, library, medical room, auditorium, playing yard, basketball yard, swimming pool, etc.



Classrooms of UTS are designed with the idea of a “polyhedral” learning environment. The table and chair systems include 3 kinds of chair height and 4 kinds of table height which can be suitably adjusted to adapt to the constitution of each student. Classrooms are flexibly set so students can easily work individually, in the group, or the whole class.

Classrooms are furnished with a variety of boards for different purposes:

  • The big whiteboard covering from the floor to the ceiling is a fantastic space for students and teachers to be freely creative and organized class activities.
  • The safe wool board is where students decorate and exhibit their learning products as well as stick memos to remember the lessons.
  • Especially for Primary School, UTS furnishes a white chalkboard at the end of the classroom for students to pratice their writings.

The interactive projector is integrated with the big whiteboard, so students and teachers can interact (write, draw, zoom in, zoom out, etc.) on the board surface, making the learning process more convenient and livelier.

To encourage active reading, UTS equips a mini library in each classroom and a book exchange area in the lobby, making students easily choose their favorite books as well as creating the reading hobby.



STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and, Mathematics. UTS specializes in developing Science and Technology skills for students, bringing the desired condition for students to approach and quickly get used to the technology changes in the 4.0 era.

The STEM room is a combination of modern facilities. Students can apply Mathematics and Science knowledge in reality by technology and engineering: lego building, robot creation, 3D printer, CNC router, physical model, etc.

Chairs and tables in the STEM room are flexible, easily separated, or reassemble subject to the demand of teachers.



Understanding the importance of Music to the development of kids, UTS builds the Music space with 2 different kinds of room:

  • Piano room: UTS is one of the first bilingual international schools investing in electric Piano instead of electric Organ. The pianos sound perfect and help students to feel the melody better.
  • Performance room: This is the favorite place of music-loving students with various musical instruments such as drum, cajon, guitar, ukulele, violin, flute, trumpet, piano, etc. The Performance room is also the activity site of the Music Club every day.



Arts room at UTS is fully furnished with a projector, smart interactive board, wool board system and shelves to ensure the teaching and learning functions as well as exhibiting artworks.

Especially, we choose the color of chair and table as well as equip necessary facilities to cultivate creativity and wake up the artistic personality in each talent of UTS.



At ICT room (Information Communication Technology room), we equip students with the necessary technology knowledge and skill to grow up in the digital era.

The modern computer system at ICT Room enables students to acquire computer knowledge and skill from basic to advanced level. Especially, with the information technology program based on the Microsoft framework, students can receive internationally recognized information technology certificates.



The laboratory system at UTS with modern and safe facilities helps students freely apply knowledge in reality, understand the theory well and create the learning and researching spirit.

Almost all facilities in laboratories are imported from the USA. Wardrobes, shelves, laboratory tables, etc. are custom-built for laboratories that meet the academic functions and safety, for instance:

  • Laboratory table: Is made from durable material which is anti-chemical and can endure high temperatures.
  • Air hood is equipped for each laboratory table.
  • 4-side fume hood: ensure maximum safety, help teachers and students feel secure to carry out the special experiment.
  • All laboratory rooms are safety-optimized with: jack with cap, fuse cut out, emergency shower system.




The design of UTS’s library creates a wide but warm space that gives comfort to students. The various book system with lots of national and international books which are carefully chosen with the appropriate content for the age and reading demand of students.

Chairs and tables are logically arranged and ensure the capacity of Extensive Reading lessons, as well as encourage students to read and exchange knowledge with their friends.




To UTS, the safety and health of students are our priorities. We collaborate with The Caterers – the leading  provider in supplying school meals – to prepare hot and nutrient-rich meals for students.

The canteen of UTS has a capacity of up to 500 seats. The on-site cooking system is safe and modern. The canteen operates in the “planning meal” form with various Asian – Western – Vegetarian menu. Accordingly, students can choose their favorite foods and manage foods according to their own constitutions.

The canteen has a smoothies bar with a variety of drinks and snacks which are good for health such as: fresh fruits, juice, dairy products, etc.

Besides, the sink system and dry sanitizer are equipped along with the canteen. The sinks are separated into 2 different areas with appropriate height for Primary School students and High School Students.




The multifunctional room includes 3 big rooms for indoor sports such as Yoga, modern dancing, table tennis, etc. as well as common activities of each class or small group. Each multifunctional  room is furnished with a glass system, specific floor to ensure the safety of students while exercising.




The auditorium has a capacity of more than 400 seats with amethodical sound and soundproof system. This is the venue of the flag ceremony, academic contest, artistic performance, and school annual events.

Besides, as a member of Van Lang Education Group, students of UTS can use facilities of Van Lang University such as Trinh Cong Son auditorium with a capacity of 2000 people, library, schoolyard, laboratory, lecture hall.




Playing yard is a space that UTS students enjoy very much with a wide, airy and, safe yard.

The basketball yard and common space herein all meet the required standard. The materials of schoolyard construction are non-poisonous, hypoallergenic, and environmentally-friendly. Especially, this area is arranged and built to optimize the injury reduction function if falling while exercising.




The swimming pool at UTS is built to meet the swimming hobby and enable physical development and health improvement of students.

The structure of swimming pool includes 2 pools with different depths: a 0.6-metre deep pool for kids and a 1.4-metre deep pool for adults. The swimming pool is equipped with thermic fluid heaters of Astralpool to maintain the appropriate heat for under-water activities.

To ensure safety, the swimming pool is furnished with rescue facilities and rescuers who observe all activities of students.