About UTS

Message from the Head of School


Mr. David Richard Cook

The US Vietnam Talent International School (UTS) is the school arm of the highly-prestigious Van Lang Education Group, which has a background over twenty-seven years in the Vietnamese educational field. UTS is a relatively young school, being established in 2018, and therefore retains a refreshing vibrancy in the classrooms and corridors of its ultra-modern campus and facilities in the Van Lang Education complex, located at the heart of Ho Chi Minh.

Vision and Mission


Become the leading bilingual international school in Vietnam with a worldwide reputation for excellence in teaching and learning.


UTS creates a safe, dedicated and creative learning environment, inspiring all students to develop their talents and personalities so that they become complete lifelong learners and compassionate leaders who contribute to changing the world for the better.

Education philosophy

UTS' goal is to prepare students to come to life in the 21st century by helping students develop learning skills and become fulfilment developed individuals and always explore the world around them.

We indentify talents of every child

We focus on STEM, humanities, arts, physical development

We balance Vietnamese traditional values and international standards

We care about all aspects that affect a child's development

Teachers and staff play a vital role in modeling and living the core values

We value cultivated intellectual, intrapersonal and interpersonal characters, to create positive meanings for the community

Our teaching approach is student centered and experiential learning

Teaching methods


The projects are included in the curriculum to apply theory into practice. Students use their knowledge to create unique Periscopes. Training teamwork skills and presentation through introducing products to class; moreover, the project also requires imagination and creativity to complete.

Physics Teacher

Inquiry based

This method helps the brain be stimulated and continuously motivated, training logical thinking as well as the ability to solve problems independently. Especially, science also helps arouse students’ inherent curious instincts. To make dreams come true, each student must have confidence, and this is only possible when learners self-explore knowledge, exchange and discuss about the topic.

Chemistry Teacher

Reversed class

In reversed class, I’m trying to reduce “teacher” time. I prefer to make students work in groups where they have to find answers, present their idea, and “teach” each other. After that I will explain and summarize the knowledge. The reversed class help student feel safe and secure to express their opinion and remember the lesson longer.

Science Teacher

Conceptual thinking

In order to understand a certain concept or problem, I start with suggestions including pictures, stories, and keywords. Then, they need to find out special features and connection to deduce the content. The method teaches the children to deduce from clues or limited information.

Problem solving

To aid students in developing their problem-solving ability, I use the socratic method to challenge students. They must find the solution in their own way. There may be no right or wrong answers, because I aim to help students confidentially present their opinions.

English Teacher

6 core values


UTS students keep their promises, always respect the truth, and say no to wrongdoings in society.


UTS students understand and respect other people and cultures while retaining national and individual identities.


UTS students are patient, persistent, ready to conquer personal goals and face challenges, confident to express their point of view with strong knowledge, skills and language competence.


UTS students apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to benefit themselves, their families, and society.

Lifelong learning

UTS students constantly explore and learn from their surroundings, and apply their knowledge and experiences in real life.


UTS students develop the spirit of innovation and creativity, and know how to develop and apply new ideas.

Portrait of a UTS Student

  • Self inquirers
  • Critical thinkers
  • Active creators
  • Deep empathizers
  • Meaning makers

We nurture curiosity and develop life-long learning skills for self-inquiry and self-directed research. We learn with enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning within a community of learners that believe in mindset growth and self efficacy.

We explore and acquire knowledge of multiple worlds, develop and use conceptual understanding across disciplines. We use critical thinking skills to seek and evaluate a range of viewpoints as well as control and balance different aspects of our lives: intellectual, physical and emotional.

We are active producers of information and knowledge, use creative thinking to tackle uncertainty with good judgement, and create products, solutions, ideas that showcase originality. We are persistent in the face of challenges and changes.

We recognize, and seek to understand and appreciate our differences and interdependence with other people and with the worlds we live in. We work cooperatively to grow together and strive for a common goal. We show empathy, compassion, respect, and gratitude.

We seek to understand the real long-term meanings and purposes of our learning for ourselves and for others. We act with integrity, optimism and respect for the dignity of others. We engage with issues and ideas that have local, regional and/or global significance. We take responsible actions and have a commitment to service. We act to make a positive and inspirational impact in the lives of others and in the world around us.