Student clubs

At UTS, more than 30 clubs in 3 groups - Logical, Art, Physical provide a place to connect UTS students of various talents, interests and passions. UTS is building student-led clubs, where students are the ordinator and teachers play the role of mentors. These clubs take place from 16:05 to 16:45, Monday to Thursday every week. Each student can choose to join 2 optional clubs (one for Monday and Wednesday, the other for Tuesday and Thursday). Each Primary club has around 25 members while Secondary has 15 - 20 members. This number may increase in Physical clubs.

MC (Master of Ceremonies)

Students are equipped with important soft skills to enhance their confidence in front of the crowd, flexible behavior and verbal expression.


A playground for students to freely express their talents, shape their style and think creatively. Besides, students also improve communication skills, connect and increase self-confidence.


A place to help them develop creativity, the ability to perceive art, learn about drawing and decorating skills on different materials.


Students can make beautiful and unique ceramic products. When joining the club, you will be equipped with knowledge of history, classification, production stages, methods of shaping and decorating ceramics.

Art & Craft English Club)

The playground combines English and art to help students develop independence, excitement and creativity in using ideas, materials and tools to create useful items.


For kids who love craft activities. The club is an opportunity to help you develop intelligence, creativity, the ability to perceive art, arouse the passion for painting and craftsmanship.

Hand writing

The playground trains handwriting, helping students to be patient. Club activities include: instructions on how to hold the right pen and sit and write posture, training the writing strokes from basic to advanced.

Have fun with colored paper.

Students explore their artistic potential, stimulate creative thinking and combine colors. Forging students ‘meticulousness and patience through activities such as folding, cutting, pasting, and creating products from colored paper..


When participating in Sketchnotes, students will be able to increase their ability to focus, remember and especially develop independent creative thinkink, creating their own substance.


The club helps students to train their confidence, bravery and ability to solve problems, especially the ability to use words in a sophisticated way. In addition, students are trained in patience and the ability to perceive music through rap lessons.


The club offers the opportunity for students to "deliver their message across" to friends and family in an age-appropriate school environment, through communication tools such as articles, photos and videos. Understand and grasp the basic knowledge related to the field of communication. Students are trained in organizational skills, public speaking, interviews, creative thinking development, problem-solving.


The Drama Club aims to provide its members with comprehensive experience of theatre while developing 21st-century skills for them. In addition to improving their emotional expression skills on stage, joining a drama club also helps students improve their English language skills and inherent confidence.

Photography (English Club)

The environment for photography-loving students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography and the desire to express their perspective to the whole community. The club provides students with professional knowledge of photography and enhances their ability to communicate in English as well as vocabulary in photography majors.

Debate (English Club)

The debate club develops students with the skills to present their views clearly and concisely, develop critical thinking, and respond quickly to critical arguments. Because they are led by international program teachers, students will also improve their English.


The club is for students who are just starting out or do not know how to play chess, helping students stimulate their ability to think, and train their computing ability and logical thinking.

Clean vegetable startup

This is where students discover to understand the concepts and principles of entrepreneurship in a simple way.


Students have access to robot programming and control tools. Through the club, students develop logical thinking and expert robot technology through access to advanced science. Gifted students will have the opportunity to participate in playgrounds and competitions at home and abroad.

Young Information Technology

Coming to the club, students are free to create and practice practical applications and software. The study projects at the "Young Informatics" club aim to develop skills in analysis and processing scientific information.

Abacus and IQ arithmetic

The club maximizes brain potential, especially right brain function, arousing students' passion, enthusiasm, creativity and wisdom about numbers. Through exciting activities, students are trained in logical thinking, quick calculation, high concentration, observation, visualization, imagination, memory and shorthand skills.

Fun Science (English Club)

The Club motivates and inspires curiosity, learning, and pursuing scientific knowledge in a strong way by expanding students' scientific horizons in English.

Board game English Club)

Boardgame - a strategy game consisting of 2 or more people interacting directly with each other on a table. The club creates a fun and intellectual playground for all students to help them achieve interesting experiences with their friends while improving their English for communication..

Fun Ex

The playground is interesting and useful for students to have the opportunity to promote their creativity and love for Chemistry.

Big Bang

Where students enjoy playing and learning with simple but exciting physics experiments. Students are allowed to apply formulas and physical phenomena in class to implement specific models and products.

Scientific research

Create an environment for students who wish to take the scientific research exam. The club provides essential information for students who are initially exposed to science and technology, creating the best conditions for students to complete scientific research reports in a thorough manner. Students are trained in academic skills including problem analysis, observation, and judgment of results,... Gifted students will have the opportunity to participate in playgrounds, and competitions at home and abroad. Học sinh được trau dồi kỹ năng học thuật bao gồm: phân tính vấn đề, quan sát và phán đoán kết quả,… Các bạn học sinh có năng khiếu sẽ có cơ hội được tham gia các sân chơi, cuộc thi trong và ngoài nước.


The playground helps them develop their fitness, height and maintain their training and movement habits. Joining the club helps students develop team collaboration skills and judgment and situational ability.

Football (English Club)

Football is an after-school entertainment subject, releasing positive energy after a day of study. The club is guided by foreign teachers to help students develop their language skills while also being a place to exchange for students who like to play football and strengthen their relationship of friends.


Yoga contributes to forming a healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, enhancing circulatory function, respiration, and body flexibility, increased concentration, helping students control their emotions, connect with themselves.

Ping pong

The ping pong club is the perfect combination of technique and tactics, helping the spirit to refresh, relax more, and stimulate the alertness of the brain and the acumen of the eyes. Not only good for health, but Ping pong is also an exciting sport to connect with friends and relatives.


Joining the Swimming Club, the students understand and master the mechanism of operation of the body underwater. Improving situational skills, strengthening physical fitness, body flexibility and endurance.

Martials Art

The martial arts club helps to strengthen physical fitness, making the body increasingly supple. At the same time, it helps to train the skills, qualities, and spirit of steel that are essential for the comprehensive physical and mental development of students.

Zumba Dance

Zumba consists of dance movements and aerobics on a vibrant, playful Latin music background. Joining the Zumba club helps students strengthen the toughness and endurance of the body, develop positively physically and mentally for learners.