School services handbook - UTS
School services guidebook

  • Kindergarden
First day of school (tentative) School Opening Ceremony (tentative)
07/08/2023 05/09/2023
  • Primary & Highschool
First day of school (tentative) School Opening Ceremony (tentative)
21/08/2023 05/09/2023

Class schedule

  • Kindergarden

For preschoolers, classes finish at 4:30 p.m everyday.

Note: The school offers a late pick-up time from 4:30p.m – 5:30 p.m at 100,000 vnd/60 minutes or at 2,500,000 vnd/month

  • Primary
Monday – Thurday Friday
Morning – Class start time 07:55 07:55
Afternoon – Dismissal time 16:30 15:05

Note: Students need to leave the school before 05:15 P.M. After this time, an additional fee of 100,000 VND/hour or 2.500.000 VND/ month will be charged. Additional fee notices will be sent in written documents or by emails.

  • Secondary
Monday – Thurday Friday
Morning – Class start time 07:45 07:45
Afternoon – Dismissal time 16:20 15:35

Note: Secondary school and High school Students are able to leave the school by themselves and required to leave before 5:25PM.



UTS provides each Grade with a qualified Medical Officer, who is in charge of student healthcare at the Clinics. The provision of healthcare service at UTS is available for common diseases and minor injuries. The Medical Officers work full-time to keep our students and staff healthy, to monitor illnesses and to prevent the infection spreading within the school. Our Medical Officers can administer medications and provide first aid care. The School Clinic also is responsible for coordinating care by communicating with the School cafeteria, teachers, and school administration to promote a healthy and safe environment for all school members.

The comprehensive health care at UTS:

Students at UTS will receive annual comprehensive health check and biannual BMI calculation twice a school year.
Vietnamese students will be issued with complimentary medical insurance cards (mandatory according to regulations of the Ministry of Health) and accident insurance (optional).

Here are some Medication Administration Guidance Documents for Parents/Guardians to carefully consider before implementing:


In order to make the journey to school easier for students, besides school bags, school uniforms and school supplies, students need to prepare the following personal items:

  • A set of toothbrush, toothpaste and personal plastic cup.
  • 01 Personal water bottle with safe materials such as inox or plastic. Do not use fragile glass bottles (for elementary students, the water bottle should have a strap).
  • A set of Sleeping bag with pillow and blanket to use in nap time.
  • 01 Cap/Hat for students when participating in outside activities.
  • 01 Travel laundry bag can be used many times (plastic bags are not recommended to protect the environment).
  • 01 mini lock for personal locker.
  • Students are recommended to wear Shoes/Sandals with simple buckles to easily put on/take off.
  • A pairs of indoor slippers to use in classroom.

Note: These items should be cleaned weekly to ensure the health of students.



Currency: VND

  • Kindergarden
Set Uniform Set PE Backpack Cap Swimwear
440.000 360.000 285.000 90.000 350.000
  • Primary and Secondary
T-Shirt Pants / Skirt PE T-Shirt PE-pants Backpack Cap Swimwear
210.000 275.000 165.000 230.000 285.000 90.000 350.000
Combo: 2.360.000 (discount 10%) (*)

(*) Full uniform combo including: 03 school uniforms, 02 PE uniforms, 01 Cap and 01 Backpack. Parents or Students, please carefully check the size and quality of the product before leaving the store.

In case of online purchase at UTS Shop via the following link UTS Shop, uniform can be returned or exchanged within 10 (ten) days after purchasing with the following conditions:

● The uniforms remain unused with original packaging, tags and/or labels;

● Please supply all purchasing receipts/documents;

● The exchange of school uniforms can be made only for items in the same category.


Our UTS school bus service provides a convenient experience for each student who registers (applying for Primary and Secondary).

All trips are closely monitored by the Transportation Service Coordinator, transport staff, bus drivers and bus guardians. Bus guardians ensure the safety and well-being of students whilst travelling on, boarding and alighting from the school bus.

To register for students to use the school bus service, parents need to complete the bus registration form and return it to the School Services Office.

Read more about SCHOOL BUS POLICY.

List of designated pick-up and drop-off locations

District No. Pick-up & drop-off locations Semester 1 Semester 2
District 1 1 Agribank – 2A Pho Duc Chinh Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward 22.275.000 23.513.000
2 New World Hotel – 76 Le Lai Street (side of Pham Hong Thai Street), Ben Thanh Ward 22.275.000 23.513.000
3 Ben Thanh Towel – 136 Le Thi Hong Gam Street, Ben Thanh Ward 24.975.000 26.363.000
4 Labor Culture Palace – 55B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ben Thanh Ward 22.275.000 23.513.000
5 Diamond plaza – 34 Le Duan street, Ben Nghe Ward 18.900.000 19.950.000
District 2 6 Estella Apartment – Street No.25, An Phu Ward 24.975.000 26.363.000
7 Imperia Apartment – Vu Tong Phan Street, An Phu Ward 24.975.000 26.363.000
8 Masteri Apartment – Xa Lo Ha Noi, Thao Dien Ward 22.275.000 23.513.000
9 VP Bank – 278 Tran Nao Street, Binh An Ward 24.975.000 26.363.000
10 Sala Emart Suppermarket – 10 Mai Chi Tho street, Thu Duc city 22.275.000 23.513.000
11 Vista Verde Apartment – Faifo Lane – 2 Phan Van Dang Street, Thanh My Loi Ward 28.800.000 30.400.000
District 3 12 Co.opmart Nhieu Loc – 974A Hoang Sa Street, Ward 12 (side of lane) 18.900.000 19.950.000
13 HCM University of Education – Campus 2 – 222 Le Van Sy street, Ward 14 18.900.000 19.950.000
14 Tan Dinh church – 289 Hai Ba Trung street, Ward 8 18.900.000 19.950.000
15 Vietcombank Ky Dong – 13 Ky Dong Street, Ward 9 18.900.000 19.950.000
16 Marie Curie highschool – 159 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ward 7 18.900.000 19.950.000
District 4 17 Nguyen Tat Thanh University – 300A Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Ward 13 28.800.000 30.400.000
18 UTS Botanique Campus – 360D Ben Van Don street, Ward 1 24.975.000 26.363.000
District 10 19 VNPT Telecom – 02-10 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 1 24.975.000 26.363.000
20 Vietinbank – 121 Ngo Gia Tu Street, Ward 2 22.275.000 23.513.000
21 The children’s house of Dist.10 – 139 Bac Hai Street, Ward 14 24.975.000 26.363.000
22 Hoa Binh Theater – 240 Street 3/2 , Ward 12 22.275.000 23.513.000
23 Xi Grand Court Apartment – Block C – 256 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 14 (side of lane) 24.975.000 26.363.000
District 11 24 The EverRich 1 Apartment – 968  Street 3/2 , Ward 15 24.975.000 26.363.000
District 12 25 Hiep Phu Mega MM Market – 31 Tan Thoi Hiep Street, Hiep Thanh Ward 22.275.000 23.513.000
26 People’s committee of District 12 – 1 Le Thi Rieng Street, Thoi An Ward 24.975.000 26.363.000
Phu Nhuan 27 Rach Mieu Sport Centre – 01 Hoa Phuong Street, Ward 2 18.900.000 19.950.000
28 Dong A bank – 130 Phan Dang Luu Street, Ward 2 16.200.000 17.100.000
29 Dai-ichi Life Building – 151 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 11 16.200.000 17.100.000
Go Vap

30 GO! Supermarket Go Vap – 752 Nguyen Kiem  Street, Ward 3 12.825.000 13.538.000
31 Gia Dinh Park – Hoang Minh Giam  Street, Ward 3 16.200.000 17.100.000
32 City Park Hill – 18C Phan Van Tri Street, Ward 10 12.825.000 13.538.000
33 Emart Supermarket – 366 Phan Van Tri Street, Ward 5 12.825.000 13.538.000
34 Quang Trung Dien May Xanh Shop – 1046 Quang Trung Street, Ward 8 18.900.000 19.950.000
Thu Duc 35 The children’s house of Thu Duc Dist – 281 Vo Van Ngan Street, Linh Chieu Ward 22.275.000 23.513.000
36 Gigamall Sense City – 240-242 Pham Van Đong Street, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward 12.825.000 13.538.000
37 Opal Apartment – 18 Pham Van Dong Street, Linh Tây Ward 22.275.000 23.513.000
38 Van Phuc City – 375 Highway 13 , Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward 16.200.000 17.100.000
Binh Thanh 39 Co.opmart Chu Van An – 241A Chu Van An  Street, Ward 12 16.200.000 17.100.000
40 Gia Dinh Fahasa Bookstore – 475 Bach Dang Street, Ward 2 16.200.000 17.100.000
41 Vincom Center – 188 Nguyen Xi Street, Ward 26 12.825.000 13.538.000
42 Elise Clothes store – 449B Le Quang Dinh Street, Ward 5 12.825.000 13.538.000
43 Saigon Pearl  – 91 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22 18.900.000 19.950.000
Tan Binh 44 Phuc Yen 2 Apartment – 31 Phan Huy Ích Street, Ward 15 22.275.000 23.513.000
45 Hoa Vien Restaurant – 16 Pho Quang Street, Ward 2 18.900.000 19.950.000
46 Saigon Airport Plaza Apartment – 1 Bach Đang Street, Ward 2 16.200.000 17.100.000
Tan Phu 47 Truong Chinh Pandora – 1/1 Truong Chinh Street, Tay Thanh Ward 24.975.000 26.363.000
Binh Duong 48 Hanh Phuc Hospital – 18 Binh Duong Boulevard, Thuan An Ward 30.600.000 32.200.000

School bus service per route with the fee schedule of each route is calculated on the distance as below:

Currency: VND

Route Monthly Semester I Semester II Annual

(5% discount)

Route 1
(0 – 2km)
1.950.000 8.775.000 9.263.000 17.136.000
Route 2
(2.1 – 4km)
2.850.000 12.825.000 13.538.000 25.045.000
Route 3
(4.1 – 6km)
3.600.000 16.200.000 17.100.000 31.635.000
Route 4
(6.1 – 8km)
4.200.000 18.900.000 19.950.000 36.908.000
Route 5
(8.1 – 10km)
4.950.000 22.275.000 23.513.000 43.499.000
Route 6
(10.1 – 12km)
5.550.000 24.975.000 26.363.000 48.771.000
Route 7
(12.1 – 14km)
6.400.000 28.800.000 30.400.000 56.240.000
Route 8
(14.1 – 18km)
7.200.000 32.400.000 34.200.000 63.270.000

The above service fee only applies for pick-up at the station; for pick-up at home, the School Service Office will conduct a survey and notify the cost later. The above fee schedule does not include tolls or ferry fee.

The school bus fee can be paid per semester/full year. 5% saving will be applied for full year payment and need to be completed before at least 02 (two) weeks prior to the service start date to be applied.

School bus fees payments need to be settled according to the deadline and at least 02 (two) weeks prior to the service start date.


Semester I Semester II
16/08/2023 – 22/12/2023 02/01/2024 – 31/05/2024


The discount applied for re-enrollment in School bus services is 5%.

One-way services are charged 70% of the two-way services fee.

If a family has two (02) or more children register for the UTS school bus service, discounts will be applied as below:

● 2 ways: discount 20%/student

● 1 way: discount 10%/student

Total bus fee savings for school year 2023-2024 doesn’t exceed 50%.

Any request in changing the bus route in the middle of the school year needs to be submitted at least 05 (five) school days in advance. The School Services office will check the route and inform parents about the route availability and the service fees will be adjusted in accordance with new route.

If a student chooses to cancel the shuttle bus service, they are required to notify the school by form/email at least 01 (one) week prior to the desired stop date.

Refunding/Saving unit: month(s) of study.


Our school cafeteria service is provided by qualified food provider. School meals are prepared and cooked on site daily to ensure that all children enjoy a sensible and balanced diet

Parents and Students can pre-order meals from the 19th to the 25th of every month via ordering platform: Here.

If Parents and Students wish to top up Student card’s account at the UTS Smoothies Bar and check monthly food selection history, please refer to the above link.

Student identification cards are mandatory for students to obtain meals. In case Student forgot or lost cards, please contact Services department for assistance in issuing meal tickets.

If Students choose not to register for breakfast or the whole meal package at UTS, they may also bring their own meal package. Hence, students will have their meals at self-catering area (equipped with a oven for reheating the food). Should Students prefer this option, please fill out the Non-service confirmation form and directly send it to the School Services or via email at at the beginning of each semester.

In case Students have special health conditions or allergies, Parents need to fill in information in the School Service Form or send Student’s health-related information/documents via email at:

Meal fee all day (Breakfast – Lunch – Snack)

Currency: VND

Level Meal fee Semester I Semester II Annual 

(5% discount)

Kindergarten Meal fee all day 14.500.000 13.500.000 26.000.000
Primary Meal fee all day 15.300.000 15.980.000 29.716.000
Meal fee half day (lunch + snack) 12.240.000 12.784.000 23.773.000
Middle school Meal fee all day 18.000.000 15.980.000 34.960.000
Meal fee half day (lunch + snack) 14.400.000 15.040.000 27.968.000
High school Meal fee all day 19.350.000 20.210.000 37.582.000
Meal fee half day (lunch + snack) 15.480.000 16.168.000 30.066.000

Meal fees payments need to be settled according to the deadline and at least 02 (two) weeks prior to the service start date. 5% saving will be applied for full year payment and need to be completed before the service start date to be applied.

Students who do not register for breakfast or meal plan services at the school are required to fill out the “Non-services registration form” at the beginning of each respective term at least 05 (five) working days prior to the start of the term.

The above fee schedule only includes the meal service for three meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Snack and does not include other expenses incurred at UTS Smoothies Bar (this is an optional fee).

The meal fee at US Vietnam Talent International School cannot be refunded/reserved under any circumstances except the following cases

  • Students withdrawing from school/transferring to another school in accordance with the regulations of US Vietnam Talent International School.
  • Students suffering from medical conditions and needing to follow a special diet as advised by the specialized doctor. In this case, the students need to submit adequate documentation certified by the doctor or health center.
  • Students who are hospitalized and need to suspend the daycare service for 01 (one) week or more. Additionally, the Parents must provide the “Meal plan exemption” request form and the verification documents from the Medical Center at least 03 (three) days prior to the date of stopping the service.
  • Foreign students need to return home to complete civil status-related procedures.
  • Force majeure cases: natural disasters, epidemics, earthquakes, wars, etc.

Refunding/Saving unit: week(s) of study


Currency: VND

Description Common Core  OIC
International Program Textbook Grade 1 1.850.000 3.180.000
International Program Textbook Grade 2 1.540.000 3.760.000
International Program Textbook Grade 3 1.980.000 3.830.000
International Program Textbook Grade 4 1.980.000 3.560.000
International Program Textbook Grade 5 1.720.000 3.230.000
International Program Textbook Grade 6 2.140.000 3.300.000
International Program Textbook Grade 7 2.380.000 4.550.000
International Program Textbook Grade 8 2.330.000
International Program Textbook Grade 9 2.580.000
International Program Textbook Grade 10 1.970.000
International Program Textbook Grade 11 2.020.000
International Program Textbook Grade 12 531.000



US Vietnam Talent International school always consider the safety and security of the UTS community as a priority. Therefore, all security controls at the UTS campus will be applied through the issuance and application of a UTS Card for the entire UTS community. Types of identification cards including:


Application: Applicable for UTS students from grade 1 – grade 12

Purpose: The Student Card allows students to check attendance and access to UTS services including:

  • Student identification
  • Access to UTS gate
  • Bus services attendance (For students joining bus service)
  • Join catering service
  • Use Library service
  • Other services

*Students who choose to self-dismissal after school must comply with Traffic Rules and Regulations. School Services Department will provide parking card to students who use individual vehicle.

General information:

The Student card is designed for all the UTS students and issued at the beginning of the school year when students begin studying at UTS. Each student is provided 01 (one) student card with following information: student ID, student full name, service account. If students lose/damage their card, they need to pay the fee to re-do the card: 100,000 VND/card and strap. The card will be reissued freely at the beginning of the next education level



1. Application: UTS’s Parents

2. Purpose: The Parent card allows parents access to UTS services including:

  • Parent identification.
  • Pick-up process in UTS Go Safe system.
  • Access to UTS gate.

3. General information:

  • The parent card is designed for all the parents who have child(ren) studying at UTS.
  • Each family is provided 02 (two) parent cards with the following information: student ID, student full name and dismissal information.
  • If parents lose/damage their card, they need to pay the fee to re-do the card: 100.000 VND/set (including 2 cards/set). Note: when the new card is issued, all the identifying information of the old one will be invalidated.
  • Inadequate information or failure to identify the parental role of a student regarding the pick-up procedure may result in the withdrawal of the parent card or the school’s refusal.

General card policy

The Card must be carried at all times in campus.

The Card is the property of UTS and will expire when the user is no longer affiliated with UTS.

The Card is non – transferable.

The Card allows users to top up money for use at the UTS shop or the UTS canteen.

The first Card is provided free of charge. In case of loss or destruction, replacement card holders will incur a fee for Card replacement:

  • Student card: 100,000 VND/card.
  • Parent cards: 100,000 VND/02 cards (exclude lanyard)

Upon issuance of a replacement Card, any existing campus cash balance will be accessible through the new card. Note: once your old Card is replaced due to theft or loss, it is de-activated and cannot be re-activated if you find it at a later date.


UTS Go Safe is a smartphone-based application with features to ensure the safety of Students.

  • Notify the pick-up process & look up the pick-up history of Students at school.
  • Inform the process & look up the Student’s information who using the school bus service.

General information:

  • Parents and Students use the identification card to participate in the pick-up process and receive notifications via the app.
  • The app will send a notification to Parents when there is a change in the student’s departure status.
  • Only when both the parents and students use their identified cards appropriately, the dismissal app operates well.



Parents and Visitors, please refer to the PROCEDURES FOR SAFE INGRESS AND EGRESS TO AND FROM SCHOOL  to ensure UTS’s safety and security.




Only residents of the school community may participate in internal traffic. Therefore, the School will provide a vehicle sticker for Parents/Guardians to use to enter the Van Lang Education Complex at the beginning of each school year.

Stamp template:

At Van Lang Campus, please notify:

  • Choosing two-wheelers during rush hours (Morning: 6:30 – 8:00 and Afternoon: 16:00 – 17:45) and in normal weather conditions.
  • Complying with one-way traffic within the Van Lang Education Complex and moving under the guidance of the Complex’s security staff.
  • At Duong Quang Ham gate area. Cars move one way during rush hours (Morning: 6:30 – 8:00 and Afternoon: 16:00 – 17:45) and two ways during the remaining time frames. Parents please move in a stream and follow the guidance of security department in charge of this area.
  • Parking your car in accordance with regulations at the motorbike tunnel during the operating hours from 06:00 to 20:00. For the purpose of stopping only to pick up/drop off Students during rush hours. Parents can park your vehicles at the temporary parking lot guided by the traffic coordinator.
  • In case Parents need to book taxi or ride-hailing services to directly pick Students up at school. Parents please update the vehicle information to the Homeroom Teacher or the Student can directly contact the School Services Staff at the UTS security gate for assistance with entering the school. Vehicle information includes: license plate. vehicle type and pick-up gate.

For further information, the School Services Office can be reached at: (028) 710 27788 or via email at: