Student support

Tutoring class

UTS organizes after-school tutoring classes that take place at 16:05 – 16:45 from Monday to Thursday every week to help students easily apply the knowledge learned effectively, capable of performing more advanced exercises.

These lessons will help students get to the root of the problems, add to the shortcomings in their child’s knowledge and especially ensure that the student’s competence always meets and achieves good results in the assessment exams.

Not only improve students’ grades and understanding of certain topics. UTS emphasizes self-study in each student, so instructors only play a role in leading students to the results. Teachers constantly encourage and give students confidence when facing difficult problems, helping students find their love in learning and no longer self-deprecation about yourself.

UTS aims to build lessons full of positive energy, limiting the depressing negative emotions of students. We believe that through supportive lessons, students not only understand interesting knowledge but are also more confident, acquiring the resources and skills needed to breakthrough in school.

Career orientation

After graduating from high school, there are myriad routes for students to take:

  • Take a gap year or continue higher education
  • Continue studying in Vietnam or studying abroad
  • Go to a public university or a private university.
  • Study your favorite majors or follow the professions that are trending in the market

We understand this is an important choice in life and the concern of any student on stepping out to the world. Therefore, UTS has developed a framework for university counseling, study abroad and career guidance programs for students from primary to secondary school and especially high school through exchanges and meetings with higher education institutions; career research and discovery activities are integrated into the main curriculum; build a university counseling room, study abroad and career guidance.

Some of the typical issues related to their future career orientation are as follows:

  • Problem solving and developing life skills
  • Time management
  • Study planning and decision-making
  • Career orientation
  • Advising on higher education