Admissions process - UTS
Admissions process

    Parents should follow the instructions below to register for admissions at UTS. Should you require any support during the process, please don't hesitate to contact us via our Hotline at 710 78887 or email: (Admissions office).

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      Register for Admissions

      Complete your registration information here Admissions registration form. After completion, parents submit the application here:

      Admissions registration form

      With this information, the school will confirm the class and available placement for the student.

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      Placement Test

      The Admissions Staff will arrange and schedule a placement test for students after consultation.
      Parents pay 1,000,000 VND for a registration fee (in cash or by bank transfer; the fee is non-refundable).
      The school may require you to provide copies of transcripts from previous years, school records, or other documents related to the recruitment process.
      The placement test:

      The placement test includes:

      Grade 1
      The age follow MOET's regulation
      - Logic and language
      - English
      Primary (Grade 2-6)
      The age follow MOET's regulation
      - English
      - Vietnamese
      - Math
      Secondary - High School
      The age follow MOET's regulation
      - English
      - Literature
      - Math

      Upon receiving a response from the Principal office on the results of the placement test, the Admissions Staff will inform the family via email or phone for specific instructions on the next steps.

      The slot will depend on the status of the class at the actual time. Therefore, the school hopes that parents will complete all procedures early and prepare in case the school has to put your admission request on the waiting list.

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      Admission Document Completion

      Required documents

      Upon receipt of admission approval (via email), please prepare the following documents to process the student's admission application:

      Upon receipt of admission approval (via email), please prepare the following documents to process the student's admission application:
      • Health insurance declaration
      • Copy of vaccination certification (for Kindergarten)
      • Copy of Notarized copy of Birth certificate, or Notarized translation of birth certificate (if foreigner)
      • Copy of Household registration book or Passport (if you are a foreigner)
      • Original Academic Report (for students in grade 2 and above)
      • Certificate of Completion of Primary School (for Secondary)
      • Diploma Secondary Graduation, or Provisional Junior High School Graduation Certificate (for High School)
      • Transfer Referral Letter (for transfer students excluding students in the first grades (entering 1st grade), 6th and 10th grade)

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      School Commencement

      To complete the admissions process, the school will:
      • Arrange classes and inform students of admission information.
      • Introduce the student's new homeroom teacher so that the family and teachers can get to know each other.
      • Prepare an entry and exit card for both students and parents who pick up students in person.
      • Instruct parents to log into online communication application between the family and the school.
      • Regularly send letters about school news so that parents can follow interesting activities at UTS.

    Learn more about US Vietnam International School

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    Câu hỏi thường gặp
    • When was UTS International School established?

      US Vietnam Talent International School was established in 2018, and is a member of Van Lang Education System. UTS offers an international bilingual general curriculum from Grades 1 to Year 12. UTS has the mission of building a happy environment, fostering the foundation of knowledge, personality, and skills of global citizens.

      Located between the intersection of Binh Thanh and Go Vap district, US Vietnam Talent International School is located in Van Lang education urban area, the only educational complex in Ho Chi Minh city. With the total area used for training delivery and other utilities up to nearly 5 hectares, UTS is invested in a modern classroom system, advanced equipment, and high interaction to meet international training standards. Functional rooms and sports complexes are likewise well invested, creating conditions for students to develop their talents to the maximum.

    • How students’ competency is assessed at UTS?

      For the National Program, UTS evaluates based on the regulations of the Ministry of Education – the grades in class and periodic exams (mid-term, end-of-term). In addition, during the learning process, UTS students are evaluated in the direction of access to competence through innovative products, the ability to creatively apply knowledge in different application situations. In other words, competency assessment is an assessment of knowledge, skills, and attitudes throughout the learning process in order to improve students’ academic performance.

      For the International Program, students take the school’s thematic test and the MAP test is organized by NWEA USA with 4 subjects: Math – Reading – Language Usage – Science. This is an adaptive assessment, if you answer one question correctly, then the next one will be more difficult. If you answer wrong, then the question will be easier. This form of assessment creates challenges for top excellent students without being overwhelmed by students with lower skill levels than their level. The results of the test will specify the ability of students in each topic/skill of each subject, helping them have a learning plan to train themselves better. In addition, UTS can look at the competency profiles of students throughout the school to adjust the teaching method, adjust the learning according to each individual and monitor the progress of each student.
      Particularly for the Oxford International Curriculum, the student’s assessment test will be built by the teacher, based on the annual updated test bank from the Oxford University Press, ensuring the objective assessment throughout each academic year.

    • Is the international program taught by international teachers or Vietnamese teachers?

      For each class, there will be a different distribution of international teachers and Vietnamese teachers, but on average, international teachers will take on 80% of the lessons for the international program. Vietnamese teachers will be in class for the remaining 20% of classes. But for elementary and sixth grade classes, in all the hours of international teachers, Vietnamese teachers will be involved in supporting students in class.