Useful links

The platforms are used by US Vietnam Talent International School to provide an optimal learning and development experience for students.


In addition to interacting with students, teachers and parents can also manage, monitor classroom activities and notifications from UTS. ManageBac platform provides fully academic-related information, schedules and assignments/tasks clearly.

Microsoft Teams

Being one of the indispensable tools in the online learning process, Microsoft Teams optimizes the functions The platform for communication and collaboration between groups /classes together helps build the common learning space of classes, build conversations, video conferencing or even file storage, maximizing the energy of the team.

UTS Shop

Offering uniform, stationeries, and accessories to meet the learning and experience needs of students. With the criteria of timely response, UTShop always accompanies and equips students with all the necessary items in the fastest way but provides the best service experience for students and parents when shopping at UTShop. UTS Shop always accompanies and creates conditions for students to have the most complete and convenient learning environment.

Food Order

Parents and students can order meals one month in advance with a variety of choices from European to Vietnamese dishes at the website which will be updated before the academic year begins. It provides full information related to meals such as allergic ingredients, calories. Likewise, Parents and Students can provide more information about allergic ingredients so that UTS can pay attention while preparing meals for children.

UTS Go Safe

The smart app connects directly to the school for parents, students and teachers to track the bus’s transportation. With this application, parents no longer worry when children take UTS buses as they can monitor their real-time location. In addition, UTS Go Safe also allows users to look up the travel history, the time of boarding – getting off the bus and sends the relavent latest notification from the school.