Academic guidebook


Welcome back UTSers to the new school year of 2021-2022 with lots of hopes and excitement.

Starting a new academic year, you may need some time to balance out the pace of learning and school activities, especially for new students. You may face certain difficulties due to the changes in learning environment and conditions. Therefore, you should prepare carefully for a good start and great results in the school year.

Some of you may refresh your study corner which will definitely give you inspiration and the love for learning. To make you feel more excited and confident, you may want to buy new school supplies, uniforms, or even a new pair of shoes. It is also very important to set clear goals and resolutions for the new school years to motivate yourselves and make efforts to achieve the goals.

And to help you achieve your goals, UTS is providing you with an ACADEMIC GUIDEBOOK to help you master a number of basic study skills so that you can quickly catch up with the school environment most effectively. We hope the information provided in this ACADEMIC GUIDEBOOk will help you achieve your academic and personal development objectives, as well as experience the school year 2021-2022 in the most comprehensive and meaningful way.