UTS Full Moon-mory: The moon is on its way to the fullness, so are you! UTS UTS Full Moon-mory: The moon is on its way to the fullness, so are you!

UTS Full Moon-mory: The moon is on its way to the fullness, so are you!



Another full moon season has arrived at UTS. This year's "UTS Full Moon-mory" season must have been full moon season (full moon) and filled with memories (memory) for the entire UTS community and loved ones.

  Khuôn viên UTS ngập tràn không khí trung thu  

Since many days before, UTS teachers & staff have already decorated the UTS space with a vivid look and "handmade" lanterns that were meticulously prepared by students.

  Mầm non UTS vui chơi trung thu  

"UTS Full Moon-mory" can not be fulfilled without these cozy activities:

Kindergarten students made the mooncakes by themselves as modest gifts for their parents 


Mầm non UTS làm bánh trung thu

Mầm non UTS cùng giáo viên làm bánh trung thu

How could we be calm before the creative fruit trays of Primary students?


Học sinh UTS tự tin khoe mâm cỗ trung thu

Học sinh UTS giới thiệu về mâm cỗ của mình


Lanterns decoration contest of Secondary division was so eventful


Học sinh UTS tham gia cuộc thi làm lồng đèn

Học sinh UTS cùng nhau làm lồng đèn trung thu

The folk games were irreplaceable parts of the full moon season at UTS


Học sinh UTS vui vẻ cùng nhau

Học sinh UTS trải nghiệm trò chơi dân gian

These performances & Mid-Autumn Festival tableaus by Secondary students were so incredible


Các hoạt cảnh trung thu đặc sắc của học sinh UTS


Perhaps this is the first time the Kindergarten little babies have been able to join the Lantern parade and taste traditional Mid-Autumn specialties at UTS or the first time that Primary students showed off their talent in re-creating the five-fruit tray. Or it's also the first time High school students dressed themselves up as The Man in the Moon - Moon goddess to retell the stories they heard during their childhood. But indeed, every generation of students and teachers at UTS is charmed by the taste of mooncakes, excited when holding a lantern in their hands, and joyfully listening to the sounds of drums and bells calling for a lion dance.


Mầm non UTS vui chơi trung thu


Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Children's Festival. Still, whether we are children or were once children, we all have our ways of experiencing and preserving the beauty of traditional festival culture. The Mid-Autumn Festival is still a precious opportunity for us to come together, giving love and memorable memories.

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