Turning Hobbies Into Passions with UTS-ers UTS Turning Hobbies Into Passions with UTS-ers

Turning Hobbies Into Passions with UTS-ers



Turning hobbies into passions with UTS-ers

Recently, in the English lesson, students of Class 4.3 could present their own hobbies to everyone through colorful and lovely paintings. Their hobbies may be fashion, football, comic books or pretty flowers in garden. They expressed their good understandings about these hobbies in fluent and confident presentations.

Sharing hobbies to others is an activity which brings many benefits to students. This is a chance for UTS-ers to discover more about their hobbies as well as inspire their friends for the spread of these hobbies.

These activities help students develop artistic skills and acquire more interesting information in various fields. Hope that UTS-ers will keep pursuing their hobbies, turning hobbies into passions and developing all their potentials.

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