Welcome to the new school year! Welcome "little seeds" back to school! UTS Welcome to the new school year! Welcome “little seeds” back to school!

Welcome to the new school year! Welcome "little seeds" back to school!



We thought the summer break would be long, but looking back, it's already the first day of school. The first morning of the new school year 2022-2023 took place with a lot of emotions and gorgeous smiles of UTS-ers at the 2 campuses, UTS Van Lang Complex and UTS Botanique Campus.

To welcome the old students back to school and especially welcome the new students to the close-knit UTS community, our enthusiastic teachers and school staff had planned and prepared a lot for this special day. 

It was joyful to see the students and their families happily keeping memories at the school's photo areas. Especially, right from the gate, students were warmly welcomed by their teachers and guided to their classrooms.  

In the first lesson, the students were led by their homeroom teacher to explore the school's campus and facilities. This is also a special activity to help them get to know their classmates and teachers. The students had a good time sharing their interests with their friends or telling their teachers about a fun summer they had.


Lunch time was well organized with the cooperation of the students and the help of the classroom support staff. New students quickly became familiar with the process of taking food vouchers and eating utensils, receiving food, and returning trays after meals correctly. 

Afternoon classes with interesting lessons to help students get used to the learning environment and engagement in the classroom. This is also an opportunity for teachers to listen to the academic goals of students this school year. 

The new school year 2022-2023 has officially started! After the back-to-school day, there will be a series of meaningful activities during the first week of school to bring joy and cohesion to UTS-ers and especially new students. We hope that all students will have a fun and memorable journey at UTS. 

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