UTS-ers experience dream jobs in the happy city



UTS-ers experience dream jobs in the happy city

Today, Vietopia vocational city welcomes the “little residents” – UTS Primary students in an exciting filed trip. This is an activity associated with the April theme “Thinking – Creation” of UTS, to inspire and nurture dreams through career experiencing activities.

At Vietopia, which has full utilities and functions as a miniature city, UTS-ers tried whatever career they love, such as programmer, firefighter, doctor, nurse, model, chef, etc.

They also have learned to be independent and understand more about the value of working, when trying to work and receiving Vido – a special salary of Vietopia. The value of contribution is also enhanced when children know how to coordinate, interact and help each other.

A day of experiential learning has passed, but surely UTS-ers will still remember this exciting field trip for a long time. Now, taking a break to recharge, then we will review memorable memories about this field trip in the next school day.

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