Unique applications of “little programmers” at UTS



Unique applications of “little programmers” at UTS

Nowadays, with the development of technology, we are familiar with convenient applications on smart phones. However, is the idea generation and development of such applications possible for our students? Let’s join the English lesson of Class 6.3 to see how they generated innovative ideas!

By actively researching, thinking, UTS-ers suggested many modern as well as familiar ideas for applications such as homework solving app, fashion consulting and direct purchasing app, or lego assembling instruction app, etc. These rough ideas were just express on the paper, but students showed their dedication in planning detailed operation way, interface design or distribution on online app platform.

Moreover, all contents in these applications were built in English, aiming to develop them on a global scale. Hope that UTS-ers will always maintain the creative energy and make these interesting ideas become real in the near future!

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