Space repetition method - Best "tips" for the exam season UTS Space repetition method – Best “tips” for the exam season

Space repetition method - Best "tips" for the exam season




Exam season has come very close. How far have UTS-ers reviewed? Has anyone ever memorized a lot the night before, only to forget a lot the next morning, leaving us extremely confused while reviewing and also while sitting the exam? UTS has found the “key” to overcome this problem, which is to use the method of spaced repetition. Thanks to this method, we have reviewed almost all the lessons and still remember them for a long time. Let UTS reveal to you a little about the method of spaced repetition.

The method of spaced repetition is applied based on the psychological effect of interruption, as defined by Hermann Ebbinghaus, a famous German Psychologist. His research shows that the set of knowledge we learn in a certain period of time will be memorized in people’s short-term memories and quickly forgotten, just like in our review story. But when we repeat the same content many times at different times, our brain will put that amount of information into long-term memory, helping us remember longer.

UTS will give a specific example. Normally we need 1 night to learn all the knowledge needed for the next day’s exam, but when using the spaced repetition method, you only need 30 minutes to study in the morning. At noon, 10 minutes of review in the evening, and 10 minutes of re-reading the next morning, in total, we only need about 40 minutes to remember the knowledge clearly, effectively, and long-term. This method can help you memorize a large amount of information and store it for a long time.

The spaced repetition method can be applied and is effective in many different subjects and contexts. However, this method has a special impact when used to study and practice language subjects. A concrete example is learning vocabulary while learning a new language.

The above is one of the “secrets” of UTS during the exam season as it helps to save a lot of time in studying. UTS hopes this sharing can help you build an effective way to study and be ready for the upcoming exam. Wish you flying colors!

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