UTS Magazine

Every day at UTS is a day to remember. UTS magazine records countless vivid moments of UTS-ers while studying and experiencing at the UTS “garden”. In addition, the magazine provides readers with information about activities taking place at UTS, interesting knowledge and unique perspectives of UTS-ers. Last but not least, we also showcase our students' creative works here. Let's check it out!

Magazines of 2022

Magazine 12/2022

We all have more than one family, don’t you know?

Magazine 11/2022

Let’s have a read about the role of “UTS nurturers” and some untold stories in UTS’ garden.

Magazine 10/2022

Have you guys truly grasped “your planet” yet?

Magazine 09/2022

This September, UTS had a fantastic start to the academic year 2022 – 2023.

Magazine 05/2022

Let’s look back on the growing journey of unique seeds at UTS!

Magazine 04/2022

This April, UTS was excited about environmental activities.

Magazine 03/2022

Why we have to be afraid to be a “normal” person?

Magazine 01/2022

Diary of “old normal” life at UTS: Normal but not trivial.

Magazines of 2021

Magazine 11/2021

Sending UTS-ers’ love in UTS gratitude diary

Magazine 10/2021

Join UTS in our career orientation and re-imagining old things with daily activities

Magazine 09/2021

Bridge the gap by dynamism and creativity: Not going to school does not mean not learning.

Magazine 05/2021

UTS ends school year 2020-2021 with excitement and full of unforgettable emotions.

Magazine 04/2021

April is imprinted by exciting lessons, exciting learning projects and a rewarding field trip.

Magazine 03/2021

UTS welcomes children back to school after a special Tet holiday due to the impact of the epidemic.

Magazine 01/2021

The first month of 2021 begins with exciting activities at US Vietnam Talent International School.

Magazines of 2020

Magazine 12/2020

December came to an end with memorable year: Overcoming challenges and having a Merry Christmas

Magazine 11/2020

Happy Vietnam Teachers’ Day 20-11: send thousands of wishes, give thousands of gratitude.

Magazine 09/2020

The start of the new colorful journey ahead with UTS.