Raising UTS-ers’ awareness about cyber-bullying



Raising UTS-ers’ awareness about cyber-bullying

According to recent reports of Microsoft, about more than 5 of 10 Internet users in Vietnam are related to cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying left negative consequences for victims and bullies as well. Therefore, educating students carefully and timely about this problem is very essential with rapid growth of social media.

With the Life Skills subject of Class 9.1, UTS-ers shared their own thoughts about cyber-bullying in various forms: making short film, designing poster, presenting or making animated cartoon. Each product made by UTS-ers includes a meaningful message to raise awareness about cyber-bullying and limit wrong actions on the Internet.

Hope that after this lesson, UTS-ers are equipped with precious soft skills in communicating and behaving with people around them. Let’s build a friendly and lovely UTS community together!


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