“Humans of UTS” Rewind: A love story behind each picture



“Humans of UTS” Rewind: A love story behind each picture

After a year of launching, “Humans of UTS” – a special project for members of UTS community – has been bringing many lovely stories about the nurturing and developing journey of future talents. It may be Bao Duy – a boy with a big artistic dream, Quy Tran – a little girl with non-limited passion with English or miss Maria with memorable moments at UTS, etc.

Behind each picture is an untold lovely story. These sharings may become precious memories and belief for us to complete ourselves and take a further step in the open future ahead. “Humans of UTS” will continuously undertake our mission to be a “story teller” to bring stories, memories or simply lovely moments of our talents at UTS.

For UTS-ers, are you ready to share your own stories? The photo contest “UTS – 365 THE GROWTH” is waiting to see for your photos and listen to your stories in the school year 2020 – 2021!

The detailed information about the photo contest: “UTS – 365 THE GROWTH”: http://bit.ly/UTS365THEGROWTH


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