Congratulations to Grade 5, 9 and 12 students!



UTS believes that this will be a watershed moment in your “growing” journey. Students in Grade 5 and 9 are more mature and willing to try new things. Especially for Grade 12, the graduation day must be more meaningful: when you leave the “UTS garden” and go into the “great sea”, bringing desires and dreams to conquer the colorful world out there.



In particular, what UTS community is always proud of UTS-ers is that despite many difficulties and challenges in the past “distance learning years”, you still keep the brave spirit and are not afraid of challenges, always try to learn, train to be the best version of yourselves. Although each of you has different characteristics, dreams and intentions, the common denominator of UTS Eagles is always geared towards contribution and life-long learning spirit.

Grade 5, 9 and 12 students, remember that you are all “unique seeds”, so always believe in yourself on the promising journey to come!

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