Human of UTS: Talented "eagle" Do Thanh Dat and the journey to the World Scholar's Cup Gold medal UTS Human of UTS: Talented “eagle” Do Thanh Dat and the journey to the World Scholar’s Cup Gold medal

Human of UTS: Talented "eagle" Do Thanh Dat and the journey to the World Scholar's Cup Gold medal



UTS always believes that a true, passionate educator always recognizes talents in every child. Some talents bloom from an early age, and some talents have to go through many trials and obstacles to blooming their self.


Thanh Dat is such a special "eagle" who has had valuable experiences on his path of personal development through the recent World Scholar's Cup 2023 competition. With his talent and unremitting efforts, Dat won gold and silver medals at the prestigious International Academic Competition. Let's join UTS to learn about Dat's journey to success!


Thành Đạt trong Rhino Day do UTS tổ chức

Start by finding his strengths

Do Thanh Dat is a student in class 7.1 and is a "familiar face" at UTS in competitions ranging from sports, arts to academics. During his studies at UTS, Dat actively participated in competitions in many fields with the desire to find his strengths and interests.  

“I always want to challenge myself in many fields, and encounter many new things because I think this is an opportunity to find my strengths. From then on, I was realize my special love for academia.” – Dat shared  

Thành Đạt yêu thích chơi bóng rổ tại UTS


Then, a young boy with a love for academics was nurtured at the "roof" of UTS and started on the path to conquering his early achievements. 

Accelerate on the arduous academic path with a dedicated "Nurturer"

After many efforts to improve his knowledge, a great opportunity came to Dat called the World Scholar's Cup 2023 - one of the largest international academic competitions for worldwide high school students, conduced the World Scholar's Cup 2023 in the Writing category - Individual and Group writing. Besides meeting new friends in Thailand and aiming to reach a meaningful medal, this is also the first milestone marking your academic dedication.


Thành Đạt tại Mỹ tham dự World Scholar's Cup

  Dat shared: "The World Scholar's Cup is one of the competitions that I want to conquer. Thanks to Mr. Tan's constant support and encouragement, my wish has now come true. After this contest, I also have clearer thoughts about the future. I aim to become a talented lawyer, using my reasoning, debating, and problem-solving abilities to bring more useful value to society." 

First destination with the World Scholar's Cup gold medal 

With his bravery and relentless learning spirit, Dat successfully entered the final round of World Scholar's Cup: Tournament of Champions 2023 in the Writing section, which occurs at Yale University (USA) from November 1-8. recently. Dat sees this as both an opportunity to interact and interact with many talented students from countries around the World like an affirmation of the right path he has chosen.



All efforts have blossomed and yielded sweet fruit, the brave "big bang" of UTS excelled when achieving high results in both individual and team events. In the Collaborative Writing category, Dat and two new friends together won a gold medal, and next in the Writing Champion Individual category, Dat also brought home a silver medal.


After receiving the results, Dat and his parents shared that the family was happy and had a great experience through the contest. In addition, it is also a thank you to the school and especially Dat's advisor - Mr. Tan, for always being by your side and supporting you during the exam process.


Ready to face challenges ahead on the learning path

UTS understands that the journey of "Growing talents with care" always needs to be broader, not just confined to the four classroom walls. Meeting and "rubbing" with international friends will be a good opportunity for students to learn about diverse cultures as well as learn more useful practical knowledge. And that is what Thanh Dat - a talented seed at UTS is determined to do.


Not only successful when finding his talent, Thanh Dat is also one of the representatives of bravery, daring to think and do, and the spirit of not being afraid to contribute. UTS believes that Thanh Dat's story will be a source of encouragement for the "seeds" and "eagles" at UTS to confidently face challenges to discover their own hidden "talent".

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