National pride with the shadow puppetry of History UTS National pride with the shadow puppetry of History

National pride with the shadow puppetry of History



Tự hào tinh thần dân tộc với sân khấu múa rối bóng môn Lịch sử tại UTS

Helping students love and remember History knowledge is not easy because this is a subject which contains numerous important events and milestones. However, students of Grade 10 and 11 of US Vietnam Talent International School approached this subject in a brand new and creative method through “The art of shadow puppetry in teaching History” project.

This is a long-term project which had been deployed since October of 2020. During the preparation period, teachers and students of UTS recorded the voice-overs for performances, learnt how to complete the puppets and perform them proficiently.

On the Closing day of this project, students performed the shadow puppetry show together to revive the battle between the Vietnamese commanded by Ngo Quyen and troops of the Southern Han on Bach Dang river, the resistance against the Tong invaders of Ly Dynasty and humane stories in the World War I.

With this project, students approached a special way of learning which helped them remember the lessons longer as well as experience a kind of folk art. Moreover, they could understand value of life and family bond through performances. At UTS, students are not only equipped with knowledge and skills but also encouraged to develop talents and enhance the artistic sense.

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