Learning about animal protection with glowing colors UTS Learning about animal protection with glowing colors

Learning about animal protection with glowing colors



Tìm hiểu về bảo tồn động vật bằng những gam màu rực rỡ

Raising awareness of students about animal protection, especially rare species of animals which are becoming endangered, is very essential. Because it must be these kids who will make lives of animals better and safer in the future.

Students of Class 6.1 had chances to express their thoughts about this topic through English mini show “Raising an awareness of animal protection”. With colorful paintings, UTS-ers bravely raised their voices about protecting various animals such as bear, rhino, tiger, panda, lion, whale. Also, they were acknowledged about their responsibilities in protecting these animals with the final target is balancing the biosystem and ensuring the sustainable development of human beings.

Through this class, loving spirit of animals and surrounding environment had been encouraged in each student. Moreover, they learnt that animal protection should be pushed not only in Vietnam but also all over the world – where there are numerous species of animals facing with danger everyday and requiring helps of everyone.

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