Explosion of team spirit with tug of war and basketball at “UTS Sport Games 2021”



Bùng nổ tinh thần đồng đội với kéo co và bóng rổ tại “Hội thao UTS 2021”

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – this team spirit is being raised by students of US Vietnam Talent International School at “UTS Sport Games 2021”. With two fascinating events: tug of war and basketball, UTS-ers have shown their strength as well as perfect cooperation among members in order to bring victory to their classes.

While the competitions between classes were happening, outside the field of play was the appearance of lovely supporters. They used chalk, board, white paper and wrote cheery words to support their classes. In addition, the shouting and cheering of them added more “heat” to the sport yard of UTS on these competition afternoons.

Besides tug of war and basketball, there are some events which are being organized within the framework of “UTS Sport Games 2021”. Let’s wait for the following photos to see how “warriors” of UTS try their best to compete in this sport games!

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