Be positive with your children - the key to overcome obstacles in life UTS Do you know? Be positive with your children – the key to overcome obstacles in life

Do you know? Be positive with your children - the key to overcome obstacles in life



Do parents know that training children to have a positive thinking is the key to your children's confidence and stability in the face of life's difficulties. To achieve that goal, children need the support of parents to accompany them to become a person with a happy life.

Positive thinking is not a built-in trait, it is the result of a long process of training from an early age. It is thanks to this process that positive thinking will be the premise for children to become happy people, global citizens who create positive values for society. So how can parents train this way of thinking for their children?


1. Be positive to your children:

Many studies show that children's lifestyle tends to be influenced by parents, so to teach children to be positive, parents also need to have a positive lifestyle in all circumstances. When faced with their child's mistakes, parents absolutely must not show attitudes such as anger, blame and ridicule, but should use gentle words to remind their children such as: "Next time, don't make that mistake", "Next time you'll be a little more careful, you'll do better". Living in a happy and optimistic environment, children will also learn the habit of being optimistic, happy and seeing things from a fresher perspective.

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2. Take good care of your child from physical to mental:

The relationship between parents and children is a stable relationship, it is a bond connected by love, so there is no child who does not like to be cared for and comforted by their parents. Help parents take the time to show their affection for their children by a few small actions such as cuddling, playing with their children. This will help children feel the joy and love of parents, so they will not hesitate to share their difficulties and live a more positive life.

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3. Don't make a habit of being pampered:

Many parents make their children a habit of being pampered, so when they don't go their way, they get angry and have negative thoughts. When children make mistakes or have wrong behaviors, parents need to calmly guide them to do it again, do not force them to do what they want. For example, before going to the supermarket, tell your child: “Today, I only allow you to buy a single toy. And when you go to the supermarket, you need to follow the rule, if you don't listen next time, we won't let you go." Praise the child when he does well so that he is happy, recognized by everyone and he will act in a more positive way.


4. Determine the right goals for your child's age:

Parents should also not expect too much from your children and unintentionally put pressure on them. No one is perfect, so don't expect too much stress on your child. Feeling unrecognized despite their best efforts will make children gradually close themselves, negative thoughts affect both psychology and health.


5. Positive words of encouragement will give you strength:

The encouragement of parents and family members is the best medicine for children to develop their strengths. When you do well, give them compliments so that they can feel the joy and acceptance of everyone. And even when children make mistakes or encounter failures, words of encouragement from parents will also help through all difficulties, helping children to be motivated to try harder.


6. Always be by your side to accompany your child

Parents always accompany their children in every situation to make them feel more secure. Children can develop best and solve all difficult problems when parents are by their side. With humor, goodwill, perseverance and perseverance, you will feel more optimistic and easier to face the difficulties you face.

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Being proactive and positive is always a necessity in every child, so this lifestyle should be trained by parents early on. Just by doing the above, you will have great benefits as follows:

  • Positive life makes children happier and better: With children who always radiate positive energy, you will always be satisfied with your life. The same problem, but people with positive thinking will always have more open-minded views on all problems in life, from which they will come up with the best methods to solve them.
  • Be loved by everyone: We all look forward to chatting with friends who create comfort and fun. So, when childrens are always happy and optimistic, they will receive love in return from everyone.
  • Be an “inspirational person”: A special ability of children who always bring positive thoughts is to be able to bring light to the souls who are entangled in the dark with very wise advice to soothe the spirit, create a feeling of comfortable for others.

Positivity always makes people happy, love life, easier in life and have good relationships. Through this, readers must have also had the answer to the question "What do parents do to keep their children positive", right? Please raise children with a spirit of joy, optimism and patience so that they can develop comprehensively.


UTS understands that practicing a positive lifestyle requires a great deal of effort from the school and the teachers. With the philosophy of "Growing talent with care", UTS is still maintaining a positive learning environment so that students can fully feel the joy of learning and equip them with knowledge and skills to become a real "talent" in the future.

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