Making famous literary works come alive by models with UTS’ students



Cùng học sinh UTS thổi hồn vào các tác phẩm Văn học nổi tiếng thông qua những mô hình sáng tạo

The essence of Literature are good values as well as eternal renovation and creativity spirit. Therefore, if Literature is just reading and analyzing the literary works, students will not be eager to acquire its good values and open up their inspiration.

Through the lesson of making models of literary works, students of Class 7.2 of UTS could soar with their creative ideas. After learning literary works in the Grade 7 Literature program such as Uncle Ho’s simplicity, Non-interference, Hue folk songs performances on the Huong river, etc, students illustrated them by creating models with their own creativity; then they confidently presented their own products in front of the class.

This lesson helped UTS-ers choose out the true – good – beautiful details in literary works and show their creativity through models. Moreover, this was an opportunity for students to express their cooperation and team spirit as well as build up the self-awareness in learning. Creating these models inspired students to learn Literature and enhance their artistic sense.

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