“Love Giving” Stories-telling Project UTS “Love Giving” Stories-telling Project

“Love Giving” Stories-telling Project



“Love Giving” stories-telling project

May 15th is selected by United Nations as the International Day of Families when family members can connect to each other and raise awareness about families’ issues.

At UTS, we also have a family of big sisters, brothers in High School and lovely younger ones in Primary School. UTS-ers always take care as well as help each other if necessary, without distinction of age.

The “Love Giving” stories-telling project is an activity which helps strengthen the connection among students at UTS. Students of Primary School usually listen to stories told by their Parents before sleeping. To bring the familiar and cozy feelings to Primary School students, Grade 10 UTS-ers visited classes, spent time telling short stories and then gave mini gifts to their juniors before the sleeping period.

This project helped UTS-ers prove event organizing, presenting and detailed planning skills. Besides, this is an occasion for UTS big family to take care of each other which proves the contribution spirit – one of six core values of UTS-ers.

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