Secondary - Grade: 06 - 09


Everyday at UTS is a day of discovery and happiness of students here. Based on indepth Education research and experiment, UTS learning curricula are designed to turn learning into responsibility as well as a bobby of each student. Students will understand the meaning of learning to their self development and to the society, then form the journey of lifelong learning. UTS students learn at class, at home, from teachers, friends and from the outside world.

About the program

Martin Luther once said: “When schools flourish, all flourishes”. Indeed, to achieve progress in the whole society, education is an essential factor. Middle School is an important milestone that marks the change of mind, constitution, and intelligence of kids. Our Middle School program brings an international standard environment to students to freely discover and exploit their own talents.

1. Middle School Educational program

When children enroll at Middle School, they start thinking that they grew up and no longer depend on parents’ care. They begin puberty with big changes in constitution and mind. This is one period that parents and school should have keen attention to assist and meet their learning and self-proving requirements.

One more important thing in the talent nurturing journey of Middle School students is teaching soft skills. Nowadays, soft skills have become very essential and are integral parts of each child. The Middle School period is the best moment for school and family to teach kids skills such as self-learning, teamwork, talent nurturing, time managing, gender education, etc.

trường trung học cơ sở quốc tế
Teamwork is an important skill for Middle School students

From these notes, UTS completes the Middle School program with the purpose: equipping students with essential skills, knowledge; creating a connection among children families, and community to accompany them in the strength-discovering journey.

1.1. Output goals of Middle School Educational program

UTS aims to create a comprehensive environment beginning from a life value platform with a student-centric program and teaching method. Beside the Educational program, UTS also integrate skills training to increase experiential activities, help students discover the world and find out their strength.

Each lesson helps students discover the beauty of each subject, promote learning spirit, train rigor, and establish passion, bravery, and creativity. Students can find out the real strength to build a plan for the future and career path as well.

Output goals of Middle School Educational program:

  • Build moral standard and social skills;
  • Develop self-ability, self-learning, and creativity;
  • Middle School diploma;
  • 4.5+ IELTS certificate.

1.2. Middle School Educational program

The Middle School educational program is organized in the direction of selective integration and enhancement, includes:

  • The program of the Ministry of Educational and Training is optimized.
  • International English Program – IP
  • Talent Development Program

This integration brings students a strong knowledge platform, enhances English skills to develop English practicing ability effectively.

1.3. Middle School Education program teaching method

Based on liberal education philosophy and experience, UTS understands that the key to creating a great future is lifelong learning capacity.

Besides preeminent skill-centric Educational program, UTS teachers always research and apply innovative teaching methods to equip students with the specific competencies of subjects and core competencies to prepare for the future. Constructive education lays a foundation for our teaching method to help students discover and develop their talents.

Some main teaching methods which are applied in UTS Primary School Educational Program:

  • Inquiry-based.
  • Project-based.
  • Conceptual thinking.
  • Reversed class.
  • Problem-solving.
trường trung học cơ sở quốc tế HCM
Project-based teaching in Middle School Educational program helps students acquire knowledge visually and lively.

2. UTS Targeted Educational programs

2.1. “Theatricalization” Civic Education

Drama lessons allow students to play different roles. Students can understand the personality, manner of characters, then shape themselves with the true, the good, and the beautiful values. Besides, performance on the stage is a good way to train emotional expression and confidence skills in front of the crowd. This integration certainly brings a brand-new experience while learning Civic Education.

Drama Class is integrated into the Grade 6 & 7 program since the school year 2020 – 2021, advised by Director Viet Linh – Member of Academic Council, Art Program Advisor at UTS. This class is taught by professional actors.

2.2. SEL Program

The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program is based on UNICEF’s skills groups (UNICEF Life Skills Learning and Teaching: Concepts and Standard – 2010) including:

  • Thinking & cognitive skills: including the skills of analyzing, synthesizing information to solve problems and, make decisions responsibly.
  • Self-management: including the skills to recognize oneself, control emotions, motivate oneself, and manage oneself.
  • Relationship skills: including communication skills, positive interaction with others, teamwork, effective coordination, empathy, and understanding.

The program is based on Social & Emotional Learning, an approach that is highly appreciated by UNICEF and helps students make progress in academic performance and behavior. It also enhances the skills groups mentioned above.

2.3. STEM Program

STEM is the educational method which equips student the essential knowledge and skills related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. At UTS, we integrate STEM education into our Primary School Educational Program to apply the knowledge of Mathematics and Science to solving practical problems and challenges in life.

2.4. ICT program according to Microsoft standards

At UTS, 100% of students will be allowed to be accessing to age-appropriate learning technology. In the ICT program, students have access to international-standard ICT instructional content. Also, UTS encourages students to use technology devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to support the learning process.

trường trung học cơ sở quốc tế tại tphcm
Students approach technology information early in the learning program

2.5. Student Clubs

UTS has more than 25 clubs in 3 groups: Logical, Physical & Artistic Club. There are places to connect UTS students with talents, interests, and passions. We aim to be a model of student-led clubs, where students are the operator with the responsibility of maintaining and expanding the club whereas teachers are the mentors, advising by their experience and expertise, help students implement and operate club activities. When talent and hobby are fulfilled, they will have the motivation and positive energy to acquire lessons most effectively.

2.6. Experience Learning Program

UTS builds a unique experiential learning program for each grade with a variety of activities, aimed at supporting regular school hours, training personality, and essential skills for students. For Middle School, the goal of the Experience learning program is to help students explore themselves, find out and maximize their strengths.

2.7. Extensive Reading Program

With Extensive Reading – “learn to read”, students can choose the book they want to read at the library and enjoy the story/book in the most natural way and through that, they will develop:

  • Comprehensive development of language skills: Not only improving reading skills, but ER also helps students develop related skills such as listening, speaking, and writing by providing additional vocabulary and expanding their knowledge.
  • Develop active reading habits and a love for reading.
trường trung học cơ sở quốc tế tốt nhất
Middle School Educational program emphasizes the importance of reading culture to students’ development.

Currently, at UTS, the Extended Reading program has been implemented in all grades with 03 Extended Reading periods per week:

  • 01 Vietnamese reading period
  • 02 English reading periods under the guidance of literature teachers, and foreign teachers.

2.8. University, Overseas Studying and Career Counseling program

One highlight of the Middle School Educational program is early future orientation. UTS builds the throughout university, overseas studying and career counseling program framework for students with many activities, meetings with higher education organization; researching and discovering careers in the official curriculum; building up the university, overseas studying, and career counseling rooms.

This is an essential activity for students in the new era, helps students understand who they are and who they will be in the future.

trường trung học cơ sở quốc tế tphcm
Students orientation is an integral part of the Middle School Educational program.

3. Tuition fee of Middle School Program

Parents can refer to the UTS Middle School program fees for the 2020-2021 school year here.

UTS also designs Summer Courses for Middle School students. For more information, please see here.

With modern facilities, an international standard bilingual learning program, deeply researched teaching method, UTS is a trusty school for Parents and Students. UTS Middle School Educational program will be a perfect run-up for students before enrolling at High School with many challenges.