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Over 27 years of experience in the education area, we understand that education can create a great social impact. Education can change a generation, a community, a country, and even the world. Therefore, US Vietnam Talent International School and Van Lang Education System understand our mission to be the companion of future talent generations committed to create meaning for society and being compatible with the world.

In order to accompany parents in ensuring the educational future of their children, UTS offers to parents a flexible financing solution with the Investment Package “Growing Talent with Care”:

Applicable objects and Value:


Applicable objects


Common Core Standards International Program - US

Kindergarten to Grade 9


Oxford International Curriculum - UK

Kindergarten to Grade 6


*Note: This is applicable to preschool students born from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. 

With a one-time investment package 

  • The family receives 100% of the tuition fee back after the child completes the high school program at UTS. 
  • Parents don’t have to worry about tuition fees during the 12 years at school 
  • Students can learn and develop in a preeminent growing talent environment with the most advanced facilities 
  • The investment received back is a solid launch pad for children to enter college and start a business in the future. 

Hiện tại, UTS đã bắt đầu chương trình tuyển sinh cho năm học 2022 – 2023 với nhiều ưu đãi học phí dành riêng cho những học sinh vượt qua bài kiểm tra đầu vào. Quý Phụ huynh có thể đặt lịch hẹn tư vấn và tham quan trường bằng một trong các cách sau:

• Để lại thông tin liên hệ tại ĐÂY

• Liên hệ Hotline: (028) 710 78887

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“Investment in education is a sustainable investment and brings the most most valuable result”.

Secure your child’s educational future today at UTS. 

UTS – Growing Talent with Care!