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Redshirting until children are old enough

Redshirting until children are old enough

As Parents, we always want our children to be well-cared for and wish that we could spend more time with them. Hence, some Parents choose to redshirt their children until they are physically and mentally strong enough, usually until three years old to let them go to Kindergarten. This moment also marks the first milestone when children officially step out of their comfort zone and enter a new environment, where they meet new people.

It is a new horizon for Parents to conceive

It is a new horizon for Parents to conceive

When children start school, it seems like every morning on weekdays Parents become busier than ever. While Mom is “screaming” to wake kids up to get ready for school, Dad is “weaving around” to prepare the clothes and breakfast for the whole family. The most stressful part must be trying to find a way to overcome the children’s habit of crying simply because they refuse to go to school. This “chaotic” scene may appear very clear to families who have children at the age of first-time becoming Kindergarteners.


In some circumstances, children might suffer from anxiety such as night waking to look for Parents. This has turned into a “nightmare” for Parents who are in the beginning of the Parenthood journey.

Why are children having trouble going to school?

The first thing parents should be aware of is that the 3-year-old milestone is a highly sensitive period in which children are in the beginning of a new phase in their emotions, behavior, and social awareness. Aside from the commonly known “The Crisis at Age Three”, the “separation anxiety disorder” when children first come Kindergarten, is also a significant challenge for Parents to face in their Parenthood.


In this crossroads critical moment, Parents might be in the battle of wills and have no idea how to handle the situation. If Parents are not tactful at this stage, it could leave a negative impact on different aspects, particularly children’s emotions and their social relationships.


UTS understands the trouble Parents are in and always accompanies you throughout the Parenthood journey. Join us at the Parenting Workshop to get advised to let the “first day entering Kindergarten” become no longer a “nightmare”.



1. Topic: School refusal occurs in children when they first enter Kindergarten

2. Facilitator: Ms. Le Tran Phuong Vi – UTS School Psychologist

3. Content:

• Discussing about the signs of school refusal

• Discussing about Parents’ reactions to children’s school refusal

• Analyzing the “separation anxiety disorder”

• Preparing the children for Kindergarten


UTS hopes that through this workshop, Parents can gain many new perspectives and useful information related to children’s development journey.


Time: 8:00 – 12:00, Saturday morning, August 5th, 2023.

Location: US Vietnam Talent International School - Botanique Campus (360D Ben Van Don Street, Ward 01, District 04)


Exciting activities are waiting for families on PARENTING WORKSHOP: THE BITTERSWEET STRUGGLES ON THE FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTENon August 5th, 2023, register to join now!

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