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US Vietnam Talent International School (UTS)

Our Academic Programs

Every school day, every day of life is a journey of discovery for each student of US Vietnam Talent International School. Originating from an intensive education research process, the UTS academic program is designed to make learning a responsibility and interest for each student, helping students understand the meaning of learning for themselves and society, thereby forming lifelong learning habits. UTS students not only study in the classroom, but learn at home, from teachers, friends, and the surrounding society as well.


Primary Education Program at UTS standardizes each value into “PRACTICING/TRAINING ACTIVITIES” to help students become responsible citizens. Moreover, the program aims to make each day the students go to class a happy day and to awaken the students’ potentials.

Primary Education at UTS focuses on equipping students with basic learning skills, while fostering curiosity and creativity, attaching special importance to core competencies through experiential activities, inter-subject topics, clubs.

Middle school

The Middle School period is an important milestone, marking the psychological changes, and physical and mental development of students. Therefore, in addition to the formal teaching and learning program, UTS integrates skills training, increases experiential activities, and helps children have the opportunity to explore the world and find their own strengths. The program aims to build a comprehensive environment which is derived from the life value platform together with the curriculum and teaching methods that are student-centred. Each class helps students discover the beauty of each subject, develop their interest in learning, train their discipline, as well as build their passion and willpower. From there, the students can find their true strengths to start orienting their career and future profession.

High school

At High School, UTS builds a specialized learning model according to students’ abilities, increases the number of lessons appropriately, supplements intensive curriculum in subjects at which the students are strong at. For high school students, the school enhances collective activities and practical experience activities, and combines theory with practice, thereby helping students become global citizens who possess both knowledge and skills and contribute to the development of society. Specifically:

– Improving the quality of ethics, life skills, and life values.

– Improving the quality of learning.

– Attaching career orientation to the academic program.

Character Education Program

Besides knowledge and skills, our character education program is designed to cultivate and nurture valuable qualities in every global citizen. The character education program at UTS is composed of 3 contents:

The program of “self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skill- SEL” is built on the skill groups of UNICEF (Life Skills Learning and Teaching: Concepts and Standard – 2010) to help learning, create awareness and control emotions, develop empathy, understanding others, cooperating, building relationships; and analyzing and synthesizing information to solve problems, and making decisions responsibly.
Activities for the community: With the desire to nurture “talents” with a warm heart, empathy towards life around them, readiness and ready to contribute their efforts to help create a better and better society, UTS creates opportunities for students to participate in meaningful fundraising and charitable activities
“Theatricalization“ in character education program: Students are transformed into different characters in “drama” lessons, understand the characters’ personalities and behaviors, thereby shaping themselves according to the values of truth, goodness, and beauty. In addition, regularly appearing on stage is also a way to train their ability to express emotions and confidence in public.

Experience Learning Program

We understand that experience can be invaluable for every child. Thousands of pages of books or hours of listening, maybe are not equal to a minute of watching and feeling.

UTS builds a unique experiential learning program for each grade with a variety of activities, aimed at supporting regular school hours, training personality and essential skills for students:
• Primary School: Learn around the world
• Middle School: Explore yourself
• High School: Orientation to the future

Targeted Educational Programs

• STEM Program: At UTS, we integrate STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) education into our core curriculum. STEM is essentially applying the knowledge of Mathematics and Science to solving practical problems and challenges in life.

• University & Career Counseling Program: We understand that all students will have many concerns about their futures. Therefore, UTS builds a university, overseas study, and career counseling program for students from elementary to junior high school and especially high school through exchange activities & meeting with education organizations and higher education; activities were integrated into the main course curriculum.

• With Extensive Reading – “learn to read”, students can choose the book they want to read at the library and enjoy the story/book in the most natural way and through that, they will develops: Comprehensive development of language skills and develop active reading habits and a love for reading.