The Debaters – Thrilling In Every "Hard As Steel" Arguments From UTS-ERS - UTS


The Debaters – Thrilling In Every “Hard As Steel” Arguments From UTS-ERS

Literature, which is already a colorful subject, now has become more interesting when students can access knowledge through a variety of practical learning activities. With the debate model "The Debaters 2022", students in Grades 8 & 9 at UTS not only have the opportunity to learn but also to express their viewpoints in front of the crowd and hone their debating skills.
The final round took place in an extremely vibrant atmosphere with the participation of the 4 excellent teams and M.A. Nguyen Mong Tuyen - Coach of "Finding the young and talented MC 2022" as the judge. Within the enthusiastic cheers from teachers and students, the teams had thrilling debates on topics related to school and other broader social issues.
Students are trained in multidimensional logical thinking and analysis based on many distinct aspects and perspectives to produce sharp arguments to protect their team's point of view. The comments from M.A. Nguyen Mong Tuyen also help UTS-ers promote their strengths and build a core foundation of courage and dare to express their personal views.
The class has left many imprints as well as unforgettable memories. Let us review the fascinating moments in the "Teen School Debate" class that day!