Project “Applied Art - Epoxy Resin” - Spreading The Social Values - UTS


Project “Applied Art – Epoxy Resin” – Spreading The Social Values

🎨 Knowing how to apply lessons to create useful products is the objective that educators have aimed to nurture each student. UTS Students not only applied the lessons well but also spread out the human values from their products in the “Applied Art Epoxy Resin” project for the Secondary level.
💫 UTS-ers have together successfully created jewelry and decorated items from Epoxy Resin such as bracelets, necklaces, key chains, and desk lamps... under the instruction of Art teachers. The highlight of this project is the craft fairs with all the value gained from here will be donated to charities.
🌈 The project has created a chance for students to actively get involved in different roles and know more about fine art and visual art. Hopefully, within the approach that integrates with practical experience, UTS-ers can summarize the critical values and essential skills while working as a team.