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Follow Our “Little Electrical Engineers” To Install Simple Circuits

Science is always one of the most exciting lesson at UTS and is extremely favorite subject of all the students. Through practical lessons: Simple circuit fitting, UTS—ers at class 5.1 discover many extremely interesting things when manually assembling circuits with only 3 components in diverse ways to make them light up. 

With the guidance of Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Quy, "little electrical engineers" also learn more about insulating materials, conduct electricity through practice with familiar materials in daily life such as rubber, metal, paper, glass, and wood. Besides, UTS believe that students can practice observation skills, reporting skills as well as connecting with friends to complete group exercises in the best way. 

The practice sessions and experiments through science lessons implemented in the curriculum at UTS have brought extremely positive effects. This method of hands-on education has created passion and excitement for students in discovering scientific knowledge and allowing them to think, create and discover new knowledge in the journey of knowledge cultivation.