Each child is a seed of happiness 

Each child is a seed of happiness 

If we see each child as a “seed” then when the tree is green and grows strongly against all external influences, undoubtedly it is the most wonderful achievement for the “gardeners.” Hence, it means that “happiness” is the final destination that any parent hopes their child can reach in the growing up journey.

But do children really happy like what we thought?

3,000,000 children in Vietnam require mental health services (Data from UNICEF)

32% of Vietnamese children are not cared for by their parents.

"A happy child needs a balance between physical health and mental health"

"A happy child needs a balance between physical health and mental health"

According to Professor Andy Norman (Author of Mental Immunity: Infectious Ideas, Mind-Parasites), every person has both a physical and a mental immune system. If physical health is a visible factor that parents can observe and take care of based on small signs, mental health is an invisible factor that makes it difficult for parents to clearly spot their child’s feelings or needs. Therefore, happiness does not come from what parents can give their children but from how well they understand them.

What is "Happiness" through the lens of children?

Let’s discover what Happiness means to kids and families at UTS in this video:

Each child is a separate individual with different languages to describe what makes them happy. “I love spending the weekend with my family” or “I want mommy to hug me when I’m sad” are among the many happiness languages of each child.

Parents often think that love and care are meant to guide their children toward what they think is right for them to grow up healthy. For instance, every time the child is unwell, parents will take the child to the doctor, give medicine, research good eating habits to strengthen the immune system, and sometimes go on trips. But is that enough for kids’ happiness?


How to understand children's wellbeing correctly?

According to experts from the Oxford University, Wellbeing is synthesizes of physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction. People who focus on their own wellbeing live purposeful lives, stay healthy, are connected to society, and are able to balance their social emotions as well as stressful events in life.

Wellbeing OIC

At UTS, the Wellbeing program of The Oxford International Curriculum aims to help students achieve the holistic development of their physical and mental health. The program consists of four themes that are designed to help students realize the importance of taking care of their physical and mental health. As a result, students know how to build healthy habits, take gentle care of their body and mind, nurture positive emotions, and maintain a peaceful mind.


Explore ''My happiness languages'' at UTS Wellbeing Day

At UTS WELLBEING DAY: “MY HAPPINESS LANGUAGES” organized by the US Vietnam Talent International School – UTS Botanique Campus, parents will “decode” the languages of happiness for children through engaging activities exclusively for your family:


SEMINAR: “IDENTIFY YOUR CHILD’S HAPPY LANGUAGES” for Parents features Mrs. Thuy Minh – VJ, Author and Chief Content Officer at Vietcetera, Second Degree Specialist Mrs. Thai Thi Thanh Thuy – Head Doctor of Children’s Mental Department, Children’s Hospital 2 (HCMC) and Ms. Nguyen Minh Thuy – International Program Manager at UTS to analyze the “happiness language” of children. In addition, Parents can know more about comprehensive health care for children, as well as tips and methods to keep children happy.


ART WORKSHOP: “JOURNEY TO CHILDREN’S INNER GARDEN” for kids aged 5 to 10, this is an opportunity for them to sketch their “inner garden” through painting activities guided by KAA ILLUSTRATION – an artist couple with famous artworks for children. Through each brushstroke and color on the picture, children are free to express their thoughts and feelings about what brings them positive emotions in life.



Time: 8:00AM – 12:00PM, Saturday Jan 7th 2023

Location: US Vietnam Talent International School – UTS Botanique Campus (Address: 360D Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC)

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