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“STEM is learn to program, build robot”

“STEM is learn to program, build robot”

The biggest misconception about STEM Education is students are only fostered in science by learning to build robots and engineering technology but forget about social science knowledge. Some parents think robots are needed for children to learn STEM and learners need to be particularly interested in the devices, machines and tools.


The explosion of AI technology is also the “bait” that makes this misunderstanding more and more widespread, especially the expectation of parents for STEM Education that it will help children build programming foundation from the early stage.

Is STEM just about Technology?

Is STEM just about Technology?

If it is merely educating the “masters” of build robots or skillful code “players”, it is clear that STEM education is not a major for everyone, because assembly and programming are the playground of children who are left-brain thinkers, interested in natural subjects.


So is STEM education an obsession of art enthusiasts, inclined to think with the right brain? And does it take abilities and passion for technology to learn this subject?

“STEM Education is a type of education that guides you to learn how to learn on your own”

Professor Steven Chu, former U.S. Secretary of Energy, said at SUSTech University on Oct 16th,2016.


In fact, STEM Education is still being focused, especially in the most advanced education institutions in the world. So what exactly is the answer to the goal of STEM Education?

UTS Warmly Invites Parents To Join STEM Day To Find Out The Answer About STEM Education

STEM Day: PROBLEM-SOLVING IN THE 4.0 ERA is an opportunity for parents and students to understand the meaning of STEM Education and experience the STEM space through interesting activities taking place on the Event below:

STEM Day: Problem Solving In The 4.0 Era!

STEM Day: PROBLEM-SOLVING IN THE 4.0 ERA is an opportunity for parents and students to understand the meaning of STEM Education and experience the STEM space through interesting activities taking place on the Festival below:




Topic: Discuss STEM Education and the important values it brings to students.


Guest Speaker: Ms. Pham Thi Lich – Vice Principal of Secondary School at UTS.

• The author of Natural Science Textbook 7, Creative Horizons Series, Vietnam Education Publishing Houses.

• Granted the STEM Educator Certification by NASA in 2018.

• Obtained the STEM English Teacher Certification issued by the US Embassy in Vietnam in 2021.


Participants: Parents who are interested in STEM Education and learning methods to help their children develop comprehensively in the 4.0 era.


When parents come to the seminar, a sharing session related to issues and myths surrounding STEM Education , the positive impacts of STEM Education on students and the most effective STEM learning methods. Then, the expert will accompany parents in orienting and developing the potential of students comprehensively, helping them fully equip skills for the future journey.




Within the framework of the STEM Day, the UTS Robotacon Champion Cup creates a creative playground with the participation of teams from schools in Ho Chi Minh City. The contest encourages student to develop & produce ideas and solutions to practical problems in social.


The UTS Robotacon Champion Cup is held the first time at UTS, this event aims to build a foundation for STEM passion and help students orient their future careers.


The STEM Day on May 20th 2023, the parents and students can watch the dramatic and exciting competition from teams with 2 groups:

  • Task board (Primary): For Year 3, 4, 5 students
  • Task board (Secondary, High school): For students in grades 6,7,8,9, 10, 11.




The booths at the STEM Day will provide hands-on activities for all family about the applications of STEM in daily life. Here, parents and students will be able to make simple but extremely practical products applying STEM education methods.


Exciting activities are waiting for families on STEM Day: PROBLEM-SOLVING IN THE 4.0 ERA, register to join now!


Time: 8:30 – 12:00, Saturday. May 20th.

Venue: US Vietnam Talent Internation School - Van Lang Complex

Gate 1: 69/68 Dang Thuy Tram, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District.

Gate 2: 80/68 Duong Quang Ham, Ward 05, Go Vap District.


UTS warmly invites parents and students to join THE STEM DAY: PROBLEM SOLVING IN THE 4.0 ERA on May 20th, 2023!