Procedures For Picking Up Students At UTS
Procedures for picking up students

Please kindly review the detailed directions in the procedure below to ensure student safety and to increase efficiency and speed of pick-up. In the academic year 2023–2024, the procedure will be formally implemented starting from the second semester.


Parents please remember to pick up your child at the time listed in Section 2. There will be processes and fees involved in picking up the student before or beyond this time (details in Sections 2 and 5).

The Parent Card is a prerequisite for safely participating in student pick-up at the school. Therefore, Parents, please always bring your Parent Card when picking up students and only hand over the card to the officially responsible pick-up person (Parents or any individual keeping the Parent Card).

If your card is lost or misplaced, please email the Central Care Office (CCO) via for the deactivation process and to receive instructions on how to renew and get a temporary card.

The Primary and Preschool Student Card will no longer be able to be accessed at the main gate starting on January 22, 2024, due to safety concerns. Consequently, an adult will be required to watch and provide care for student as they arrive and exit the school.


Grade Monday – Thursday


Monday – Thursday


Preschool 15:50 – 17:15 15:50 – 17:15 15:15 – 16:30
Primary 16:30 – 17:15 15:50 – 17:15 15:15 – 16:30
Second – High School 17:00 – 17:15 16:20 – 17:15 15:35 – 17:15

Preschool and Primary students must leave the school before 17:15 for their own safety. The school will be charging an after-school surcharge after this time, which is VND 100,000 for every 60 minutes or VND 2,500,000 for a month. At the end of every month, Parents will receive an email or written notice of the surcharge (if applicable). To ensure that they have ample time for extracurricular activities after school, however, UTS highly recommends Parents to pick up your child on time.



The pick-up location for Preschool and Primary students in normal weather conditions (1) and rainy weather (2). Therefore, Parents please pay attention to the pick-up locations so that student pick-up can take place smoothly and quickly:

  • Normal weather conditions: Basketball yard (1st area on the map)
  • Rainy conditions: Main Hall (ground floor, indoor – 2nd area on the map). Parents should be reminded to move along the right-side aisle according to the instruction, and please do not bring raincoats into the student pick-up area.


Secondary and High school students: Students leave school on their own by the only exit heading to Hall 3, where Parents pick them up. Students are not permitted to return to school after leaving the gate unless they require special accommodations and must register at the UTS main gate.

Primary students: Parents take the following steps by entering the basketball gate area (No. 1).

  • Step 1: Parents tap the Parent Card at the access gate to enter student pick-up information.
    If Parents do not tap the card, the system will not record student pick-up information. 
  • Step 2: Parents wait for the student in the designated area according to the grade. Parents need to sit in the correct area for students to easily find their parents.
  • Step 3: Students proceed to the location where the Parent is waiting. Students are picked up by Parents.
    – After meeting your child, please leave the pick-up area as soon as possible to allow space for other parents arriving later to pick up theirs.
    – If Parents wait for more than 10 minutes, please contact the Information Support Desk for verification and guidance.
  • Step 4: After picking up the student, Parents need to tap the Parent Card again at the access gate to complete the pick-up process.

5.1 Parents forget the Parent Card

In the situations when Parents forget to bring the Parent Card, Parents will use these identification procedures to guarantee the student’s safety:

  • Step 1: In order to register to pick up your child, Parents who forget to bring their Parent ID are kindly asked to come to the Support desk located at the security gate.
  • Step 2: At the security gate’s Support Desk, Parents can confirm their details by showing their Citizen Identification Card. The parent’s photo will be saved by the school staff.
  • Step 3: Parents receive temporary cards and move to the designated waiting area to pick up Students according to normal procedures.

5.2 Guidelines for parents planning early/late dismissal time

If Parents want to pick up your child earlier or later than the dismissal time, please follow these following steps:

  • Step 1: Please access the UTS Go Safe application, click on “Register for early release/pick up” to fill in the information.
  • Step 2: Parents use the Parent Card to pick up students according to the student pick-up procedure.
    – Kindly complete the registration link by 14:30 every day.
    – Registrations after 14:30 will not be accepted. Please contact the Information Desk directly for assistance and the pick-up time may take longer than a.

5.3 Parents request someone to pick their children up

To ensure the safety of the student, Parents must provide the information of those who will be in charge if Parents are unable to pick up your child from school. Kindly complete the following steps to register:

  • Step 1: When it is necessary to request a pick-up, the Parent/Legal Guardian please access the UTS Go Safe application, click on “Register for early release/pick up” to register the pick-up person’s information.
  • Step 2: At the security gate’s Support Desk, this registered individual can confirm their details by showing their Citizen Identification Card. Their photo will be saved by the school staff.
  • Step 3: The registered individual receives a temporary card and moves to the designated waiting area to pick up Students according to normal procedures.

5.4 Sibling dismissal

Students pick up their sibling at class and leave by the exit at Hall 3. If a student is unable to take their sibling from class, they proceed to the Pre-Primary and Primary student pick-up area, where they must register and follow the procedures in Section 4.