School Service

School Service

At UTS, we are making the best effort to keep our students safe and provide the best service.



ManageBac is the leading learning platform used by UTS for curriculum planning, and assessment and reporting of students’ academic performance.





With the aim of ensuring the health of students, UTS has selected a reputable catering service provider certified by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health with the kitchen located right in the school cafeteria. UTS serves 03 (three) meals a day: Breakfast, lunch and snack.
Breakfast is not compulsory. Thus, Parents are requested to register in advance with the School Services Department after each semester.

The lunch and snack meals are served in the form of the “Meal Plan” with a variety of Asian – Western and Vegetarian dishes.

In addition, the school cafeteria has a self-service bar with plenty of healthy snacks and drinks such as fresh fruit, fruit juice and dairy products.




UTS provides a safe and reliable school bus service. The school currently has nearly 60 Pick-up/Drop-off points all over Ho Chi Minh City’s districts. In addition, UTS can pick up and drop off students from home, depending on the travel needs, the route and the number of students registering the service. All UTS school bus journeys are closely monitored by the School Service Coordinator, the Bus Driver and Guard.

Upon receipt of the school bus service registration form, the School Services Department will confirm the Pick-up/Drop-off point and timings and provide information of the vehicle and operator staff according to current UTS regulations.




UTS uniforms, books, notebooks and basic school supplies are provided at the EagleShop to meet the learning needs of students.

The shop is open from 8:00 A.M to 05:00 P.M, from Monday to Friday.





At UTS, we always want students to be healthy to fully engage in learning and practicing activities. Therefore, UTS clinic is equipped with all necessary medical equipment and staffed by highly qualified healthcare personnel. The medical staff have the responsibility to care for and ensure students’ health; offer treatment for mild and common illnesses and minor wounds; monitor disease conditions and prevent the potential spread of infectious diseases in the school community.




EagleCard is designed with a variety of functions, from identification to access to school facilities and services: Library, functional rooms, school cafeteria, EagleShop and many other utilities.