UTS Swimming pool: Replenishing full energy in the cool water

UTS Swimming pool: Replenishing full energy in the cool water

At UTS, we strive for the integral development of spirit, intelligence and constitution of students. We believe that a brilliant and creative mind comes from a healthy and full-energetic body.

Therefore, the swimming pool system is built to meet the swimming hobby of students and enable them to develop constitution and improve health. Swimming is an important skill in life which help students enhance the confidence and skill to protect themselves and everybody around them as well in special under-water situations.

We take the safety and comfort of students into consideration while building the swimming pool with new and modern facility system:

  • 2 swimming pools with different depth: 0.6 meter deep pool for Primary students and 1.4 meter deep pool for Middle and High School students;
  • Astralpool induction heater to maintain the appropriate water heat;
  • Full and strict pool rules;
  • Full of security facilities and the pool guards who always take care of safety of students;

We hope that UTS-ers can equip themselves with well-trained swimming skills and enjoy fresh moments with their friends in the UTS swimming pool!