UTS-ers protect our planet from the small plants

UTS-ers protect our planet from the small plants

Learning is not just about cultivating your own knowledge and skills. For each UTS-ers, learning is only effective when we apply the knowledge to help our family and community. That is “Contribution” – one of the six core values that is a guide dance of UTS community’s thought and action.

In Science subject, Class 5.1 had such an effective class. With the topics “Seeds developing into young trees” and “Parts of parent trees developing into young trees”, students could directly observe the vegetables, seeds under the microscope as well as plant dragon fruit from its seeds and sow peas, sweet potatoes.

Through this activity, students can be educated about plating vegetables and green trees to make the natural world more plentiful. Each tree planted by UTS-ers can improve the environment status and limit pollution on the Earth.

Hope that the seeds and vegetables of UTS-ers can grow up well! The experimental activities are always good opportunities for our students to enrich useful skills and apply knowledge into the real life.