U-Change Summer Camp 2021

U-Change Summer Camp 2021

From summer with full of experiences, we grow and change!

Summer is coming! This is not only the chance to take a break after a long school year but also a precious time for wonderful and invaluable experiences.

Do not miss U-Change Summer Camp 2021! U-Change Summer Camp aims to help the students learn, create, and have fun, discover themselves and the world around them. From that, students will change, grow, and get ready for the learning journey ahead.

U-Change Summer Camp 2021 is built based on 5 elements that create the UTS student portrait: Self-Inquirers, Critical Thinkers, Active Creators, Deep Empathizers, Meaning Makers.5 weeks with 5 interesting and meaningful themes from culture, nature, sports, arts, and moral values. Students will have wonderful summer days through practical activities as well as improving their knowledge and skills in the English-speaking environment.

Information about U-Change Summer Camp 2021:

☀️ Opening date: 14/06/2021

☀️ Time: 5 weeks: 14/6/2021 – 16/07/2021

☀️ Saving 10% of tuition fee of Summer Camp for registration before 30/4/2021.

Find more information about U-Change Summer Camp 2021 at: https://utschool.edu.vn/summer-program/

👉 Register now at: https://utschool.edu.vn/vi/contact/ or Hotline (028) 710 78887 – 091 938 1221.