“School of Magic” – Let’s join in a multi-color festival

“School of Magic” – Let’s join in a multi-color festival

With the theme of this year: “School of Magic”, students and teachers from all grades together with unique outfits, creating an impressive, colorful and funny Halloween Festival.

Today, UTS welcomes so many special “guests” to the Halloween Costume Festival: from princesses, little witches, to super cute baby dinosaurs or a superman…

Besides the costumes, this Halloween festival also attracts UTS-ers with a series of extremely interesting activities: Fashion Show for Primary School, Dance Battle for High School, Quidditch Game, Potion Class, Transfiguration class, Charm class, …
The Halloween Festival is held with the desire for UTS students to express their personalities and creativity, as well as an opportunity for the UTS family to create beautiful memories. Besides, this is also an opportunity for students to approach cultures around the world and equip “global citizens” to confidently integrate and mature.