Rewriting fairy tales in English: Why not?

Rewriting fairy tales in English: Why not?

When it comes to Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Little Red Riding Hood or Beauty and The Beast, we think about meaningful fairy tales. Fairy tales contain lots of deeply human value and prove unbeatable spirit of humans.

At UTS, fairy tales take a brand-new role: Helping UTS-ers develop creativity! Based on the original plot, students of Class 9.1 exploited new aspects of the fairy tales. For instance, the untold stories of seven dwarfs, the Queen realized her mistakes and help everyone instead of just doing bad things with Snow White.

Especially, creative fairy tales are all expressed in English. Combining language ability and various creativity will help students complete their best articles. It gives students opportunity to cultivate the use of English rather than just doing familiar grammar or vocabulary exercises.

UTS-ers learn lots of interesting knowledge through this English lesson, don’t you?