Preparing your child to orient the future

Preparing your child to orient the future

“As parents, we need to learn to balance between discipline and love in the family. As parents, we need to transmit to our children the confidence, tolerance and patience to transform them into self-governed people who possess knowledge – thinking – skills – personality. A child’s time once traversed will not be regained, and we – as parents, cannot follow them for the rest of their life.”

The “Morning coffee: Orienting the Future” held by US Vietnam Talent International School took place in a friendly and warm atmosphere with smart, sincere, friendly, humorous and profound sharings from guest speaker Nguyen Chi Hieu (Ph.D, Stanford University (USA), MBA, Oxford University (UK)).

In addition, future orientations from Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Vice Chairman of Van Lang Educational Group and innovations in educational methods from Mr. Anthony Roberti (M.S.Ed) – Head of School of UTS introduced parents to new perspectives and approaches to accompanying their children in the future.

Moreover, at the “Morning coffee: Orienting the Future”, UTS Portal – one of UTS’s modern approaches to education – was launched. The operation of UTS was also delivered to parents.

Sunday mornings are for ourselves and our families. However, UTS parents spent their valuable time with UTS’s Morning coffee and lingered until the program ended. We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all of your feedbacks and suggestions during the program. Your sincere contributions are the premise and basis for the school to improve and develop better.