Student-centred: Educational philosophy of UTS

Student-centred: Educational philosophy of UTS

Believing in student-centered educational philosophy, UTS applies a variety of teaching and learning approaches, tailored to each individual student:

🌟 Active learning: Students by themselves conduct research activities to discover the the source of human knowledge under the guidance of teachers;

🌟 Learning by teaching: Students take the initiative to learn knowledge at home, then exchange information they have learned with teachers and classmates;

🌟 Experiential learning: Students acquire knowledge through practical lessons and interesting hands-on experiences;

🌟 Project-based learning: Students participate in meaningful learning projects under the guidance of teachers.

Therefore, students are taught critical thinking, confidence, creativity, self-learning ability and the love to explore the world around them. All are the skills and qualities needed of a global citizen.

We believe that a serious investment in facilities, teaching staff and above all the methods and curriculum will help UTS students become well-rounded “talents” who possess both QUALITIES and ABILITY.
👉 Currently, UTS has begun the admissions program for the school year 2020 – 2021 with many tuition incentives for students who pass the placement test. Parents can book a consultation appointment or a school tour through the following channels:

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