[Human of UTS] – UTS Security Guard team: “If there are 100 or 1000 students, I still try to remember all their names”

[Human of UTS] – UTS Security Guard team: “If there are 100 or 1000 students, I still try to remember all their names”

Every morning, when students arrive at school, the first person they meet will not be teacher or friend. Main gate security guards will be the first ones who welcome them with bright smiles and morning greetings.

The UTS security guards’ daily tasks begin like this. Then, they will move to assigned position. Each position will be strictly followed to ensure maximum safety for students and UTS’ facility system. In the afternoon, security guards will accompany School Service department with students dropping off activity, ensure smooth inside and outside UTS’ campus. When dropping off activity completes, the night shift begins. They have responsibility in protecting the UTS’ campus at night, allowing the next morning classes will go well.

In spite of high workload, the security guard team still happily finish their jobs. Mr. Cao Ky, Leader of security team shared: “I remember of the rainy days, our team assisted students and their parents with umbrella to protect them from the rain. Even though we were all wet, we did not flinch since all are for our beloved students. In the future, if there will be more hundreds or thousands of students, I will also try to remember their names so that if necessary, I can assist them immediately”

Always staying near UTS-ers so the two off weeks before and after Tet holiday may be a sad period of the security guards. “Whenever students come to school, the atmosphere is very lively. But once they stay at home, I feel so lonely and the time seems to pass by so lowly. I am happy since UTS can welcome students back to school for normal learning a training.” – said Mr. Tran Cong Minh, a security guard working at UTS from first days.

School security guard is a special job, it is not similar to protecting the asset of company, factory or building security guards. “At UTS, we protect invaluable assets – our students. Our responsibility is ensuring safety and happiness for them at academic environment.” – Mr. Ky shared. “With this job, we must love this job, love our students. I will apply all of my experience to bring students complete experience at UTS.” – said Mr. Minh.

Any individual in UTS tries their best for the integral development of our future talents. Let’s give our honest thanks to security guards – our silent heroes!