[Human of UTS] – Nguyen Huu Quy Tran: “Learning English gives us new friends and fantastics experiences”

[Human of UTS] – Nguyen Huu Quy Tran: “Learning English gives us new friends and fantastics experiences”

Nguyen Huu Quy Tran, students of class 4.2 of UTS, is known as a lovely and dynamic girl with wonderful English skill. Teachers praised her for enthusiastic learning spirit, always actively interacting in classes and completing exercises exactly.

Quy Tran have been studying English since she was in Grade 2. After moving to UTS, she only focuses on the English curriculum at school and doesn’t enroll at any English centers. However, she proves her talent and stuff by conquering lots of competitions and achieving English certificates. Quy Tran is the only Primary students of UTS competed with bigger students in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces in Global Champions 2020.

At UTS, she is learning the International Program in 3 subjects: Mathematics, Science, and English. “I love learning Science taught by miss Maria and English taught by miss Ariana. They have many interesting and attractive lessons. Besides, they usually organized experiments and games so that I can learn by playing as well.” – said Quy Tran.

When being asked what you will share to friends who have difficulties in English, Quy Tran said: “Once you are fluently at English, you can make friends and communicate with more foreign friends. Moreover, if you speak English well, you can study abroad and have good job opportunities.”

Sometimes, she has difficulties with this subject: “Whenever I participate in English competitions or English certificate tests, I feel a little bit nervous. However, I was taught that learning English is to practice in life, rather than compete in contests, so it makes me more relaxing and confident.”

Quy Tran still has a long journey ahead to conquer knowledge as well as English. Hope that she and other UTS’ students always be confident to achieve their dreams. UTS will always accompany students in your talent nurturing journey.