[Human of UTS] – Miss Maria Aave: “Each student is a ‘little teacher’ of themselves”

[Human of UTS] – Miss Maria Aave: “Each student is a ‘little teacher’ of themselves”

Teaching at US Vietnam Talent International School since the summer of 2020, Miss Maria Aave – Science Teacher of Primary School – had many great memories with lovely students of UTS.

She still remembers her very first Vietnamese Teacher Day at UTS, she was very moving when students met her, gave her lovely cards and sincere wishes. At that period, she had just worked at UTS for a short time, so she was surprised that students gave her lots of love like this. She considers these presents as the most wonderful gifts of her teaching career in Vietnam.

Undertaking Science – a subject which has wide knowledge, she always tries to make the teaching program simpler to follow each grade. For grade 1, 2 and 3, she makes the knowledge lean and allows students to use Vietnamese with new and hard vocabulary, then helps to remember these words in English later. For grade 4 and 5, when their English skills gradually completed, she enables them to approach deeper knowledge through practical and experimental lessons.

Miss Maria considers her students as “little teachers”. She reduces her “teaching” role, applies self-learning, pair-work or team-work methods and operates learning project to make students actively enrich their knowledge, freely express their ideas and remember the lessons longer. When students give right answers or complete assignments, she always gives them compliment or applause. It makes them understand that their efforts are all noted and be more confident in their learning and training journey.

Miss Maria had been taught by foreign teachers when she was going to school in Estonia, and they had great impacts on her academic journey. Therefore, she always tries to inspire UTS’ students by sharing the meaning and benefit of hard work and courage, self-pushing methods, etc. She shows students photos of her trips to many countries around the world and how she experienced new things. She hopes that all students can understand that they just need to try their best and anyone can do these wonderful things!