How did UTS-ers train critical thinking with carrots?

How did UTS-ers train critical thinking with carrots?

“Whether we can eat unattractive vegetables or not?” – This question was the subject for presentation and debate of students of class 7.1 in their English lesson.

In the first part of the lesson, UTS-ers played roles of carrots and shared their own stories, for instance: not being chosen by customers due to unattractive appearance, being teased by other carrots, etc. After stories, there were moral lessons about taking notice to the inside beauty rather than judging everything through its appearance.

Latter, students played roles of supermarket owner, farmer, well-off and low-income customer. Each character expresses his point of view about how product’s appearance affects the production or consumption decisions.

Within one lesson, UTS-ers train their creative and critical thinking as well. In addition, there are many moral lessons about ways of living and treating everyone. These lessons will be precious preparation for UTS-ers in the growing journey.