Having a good time remember knowledge longer!

Having a good time remember knowledge longer!

“I like apple!”, “I like orange”, “I don’t like fish” – these are lovely sounds in the English lesson of class 1.2. This is a part of the reviewing lesson about English vocabulary and sentence structures with the theme “Foods and Drinks” of UTS youngest members.

To make the lesson livelier, UTS-ers participated in 2 mini games: object guessing and poster designing. In the guessing game, two random students will be blindfolded and guess the food or drink inside the mystery box. Grasping and guessing the objects helped vocabulary, related sentence structures stay longer and deeper in their minds.

In the poster designing session, each group will write the foods or drinks they like or dislike on the posters, then decorate them with crayons. After that, UTS-ers confidently present the poster in front of the whole class. This activity let students prove their creativity and express the new vocabulary through visions and image delivering skills.

“Teacher, can we play another game in this lesson?” – the question of a student at the end of this lesson is the evidence for UTS-ers’s favorites of reviewing activities with interesting games. Let’s enjoy the lessons and enrich lots of meaningful knowledge, UTS-ers!