Vision and Mission


UTS is a leading and progressive bilingual and international school in Vietnam that provides high quality education programs that balance between Vietnamese core values and international standards


At UTS schools, we aspire to nurture and inspire our students to become well–rounded lifelong learners. We strive for a holistic development of students in a safe, caring and personalized environment.

Through research-based, innovative and engaging curriculum, pedagogies and learning ecosystem, we support our students to become self-inquirers and deep thinkers of the world’s knowledge and its interconnections, to create original ideas and products, to empathize with diverse people and communities, and to create positive, long-term and inspirational impacts through responsible actions for themselves and others.

At UTS, each teacher and staff is an educator whose lifetime mission is to nurture talents and characters within our students, so that they will grow up to realize their full potentials for success and happiness as well as become good citizens that change the better world.